Intern to Full-Time Employee: Mehnel’s Journey

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The Race to Schneider Electric

August 28, 2019 – the day is imprinted in my memory for all the possible good reasons. I was in the final year of engineering school and on my hunt for the right place to work. After 3 days of a burning fever, I was feeling better and was fortunate to attend the campus drive of Schneider Electric. Out of the 1200+ students that applied, 88 were shortlisted, and I’m not kidding, but mine was the 88th name on the list.

full time employee from intern at schneider electricI was familiar with the brand ‘Schneider Electric’ and was aware that it was an industry giant. My understanding of the world of Schneider deepened during the introduction presentation that covered our core values, employee value proposition (EVP), and our sustainable vision. This reassured me all the more that, if I could ever fit in somewhere, then it had to be here.

With this in mind, I stepped into the interview room. The recruitment team noticed that I was a bit unwell and was very welcoming and sensitive about it. I instantly felt very comfortable around the interview panel and gave it my 100%.  What followed was a 30-minute wait and voila! It was my day, there were 10 students who were chosen to start a life with Schneider, and I was 1 out of the 10.

A Great Company with Great People – #SEGreatPeople!

With a bucket full of excitement and determination, I started my journey as an Intern in January 2020. I really felt at home, the office was beautiful and pleasant, HR representatives very welcoming, the colleagues were really helpful, and I quickly made friends.

intern to full-time employee

After a detailed introduction to the organization, I started connecting dearly to the company’s principles. I was going to be part of the Collaboration Services team working for Box Drive. Collaboration is an interesting topic that enables our values and principles. After the induction into the company and to the team, I had clarity on how my work would add value and be #Meaningful. But the challenge was that the platforms I was working on (Box Drive and Ruby scripting) were completely new to me. I was a bit worried when I started, but the guidance and training I received under my mentor made me feel confident. I learnt a new scripting language and was happy to be doing what I enjoy – working on new challenges and keep learning. I was given tasks that challenged me and allowed me to keep exploring, while at the same time not burdensome enough to drain me out.

I also participated in initiatives apart from my daily work and attended Toastmasters’ sessions which were informative and interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship; it gave me confidence and experience perfect enough to prepare myself to be a full-time employee in the Schneider Electric family. Thanks to my mentor, team, and friends.

Virtual Onboarding for a full-time employee

virtual onboarding at Schneider ElectricIn September 2020, I joined virtually as a full-time employee. While we were virtually onboarded in a batch, I was sad that I would miss the face to face interactions and the classroom induction sessions. But  I was proven wrong as the induction sessions passed on. The virtual onboarding and induction were unbelievably smooth and efficient. We were given multiple group activities, and, I suppose we ended up having even more fun while bonding efficiently. I even received, at my doorstep a bag of goodies! Needless to say, I was surprised and happy, who doesn’t love gifts?

I am now part of the Collaboration Services team full-time. I have been directing all my efforts towards learning. Schneider has #Empowered me with training, it’s vast knowledge base, and guidance from senior colleagues and managers. Today, it’s been over seven months since I’ve been a part of the Schneider family. My #LifeIsOn, in the right direction and #LearnEveryDay is my motto. I enjoy my work, and I am proud to be associated with an organisation that stands for values and principles that I personally identify with. I am very confident that – along with achieving heights in my career, I will, more importantly – develop as a person and professional.

Thank you, Schneider Electric!

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About the author

Mehnel full-time employee at Schneider ElectricMehnel Tauro is Graduate Engineer Trainee in Schneider Electric. She has completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. She interned with us as a student for six months before joining us back as a Full-Time Employee. Currently, she is a part of the Collaboration Services team located in Bangalore, India.


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