Being nominated for the Champions Club program was the ‘Catalyst’ moment of my career

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When I joined Schneider in 2015, I entered as a Software Engineer with 3 years of prior IT experience in the Banking and Finance domain. Since then, I have worked on multiple projects for our customers across the globe, and have led a few of them, ensuring that we continue turning the bold ideas of our customers into reality.

My participation in the Champions Club 2017 Program:

After 2 years into my career at Schneider, I was thrilled to learn that I had been invited to participate in the Champions Club* program. Since I hailed from a complete software background, Champions Club would prove to be an opportunity to have a close look at the SE business and its customers.

The program unfolded into a series of three progressive phases. There was a specific qualifying criterion to gain access to each of the phases.

Phase 1: The Learning Challenge: This phase, involved a team challenge where we presented on the topic “Introduction to EcoStruxure” in the Digital learning clinic (DLC) sessions. My performance in the DLC, jury feedback, peer evaluation, individual learning hours contributed towards my selection to phase 2.

Phase 2: Cross-functional Action Learning Projects: In this phase, we were given another team challenge to showcase our EcoStruxure capabilities to our customers. During this time, I also had the opportunity to visit our Smart Factory in Hyderabad and witness our EcoStruxure solutions implemented in real-time.

Our project titled “Building a sales enabler – Leveraging Multidimensional Live EcoStruxure story” was presented to the jury and a large audience during the Action Learning Labs – 2018 phase. Our team received a special recognition award from the jury for our project, and special mentions from Mr. Anil Chaudhry and Mr. Premraj Krishnakutty.

Phase 3: Customized Leadership Development Workshops: During this phase, I was part of several virtual interactive sessions and live workshops across the country, held by best-in-class experts.

The 2017-18 Champions Club Program started with 54 potential leaders kickstarting the journey; out of which 16 people successfully reached the final phase. I am proud to share, that I’m one of them! To top this achievement, I was also the youngest champion of the batch!

Some Key Takeaways that I was left with after Champions Club 2017:

Being a part of the Champions Club not only gave me the opportunity to learn, but also the opportunity to share the knowledge I gained in the program, through DLCs (Digital Learning Clinics) and ALLs (Action Learning Labs).

It also provided me a platform to expand my network and make friends from different domains and locations which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It made me realize that collaboration combined with good leadership is the key to success.

Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to come out of my comfort zone, unleash my potential and make a mark in Schneider.

Schneider Electric’s support to my career & aspirations:

In SE, I have been given a platform to realize and enhance my leadership skills through various leadership development programs during the early stages of my career.

I feel fortunate to have one on one discussions with various leaders, hear about their career journeys and receive suggestions from them through the talent scouting program.

Being nominated for the Champions Club program in 2017 was the ‘Catalyst’ moment of my career though. In a way, it paved my path in SE.

* Champions Club is a 6-month long intervention for the young leaders in India. Inclusive of external and internal training and working on stretch projects.


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