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Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!

International Youth Day aims to celebrate the qualities of young people, the challenges we face and how we engage to enact global action. So, what does this day mean to me? Read on as I dive deep into my Schneider Electric early career journey and reflect on the significant impact I believe young people have within the workplace.

About Me

Alice Stockton- Graduate Programme Schneider ElectricHello, my name is Alice Stockton and I have recently completed the 2019/20 UK and Ireland Schneider Electric Graduate Programme and will be moving into my permanent position within the organisation as an eCommerce Trader come August 2020.

So, when did my interest to work for Schneider Electric start? During my final year of studying Marketing at Edge Hill University, I undertook a Business Strategy and Digital Goods module which introduced me to the world of internet of things (physical objects connected-via-the-internet through the use of sensors/communication technology to capture data) and how society is becoming increasingly more connected and personalised than I ever realised.

The benefits of the network of technology being able to improve predictability, efficiency and most of all sustainability only amplified my interest further and hence when undergoing the anticipated job search to answer the question of what next? I came across a global organisation that had a passion to make the smart cities I had only read about, a reality.

The ‘Career’ Job

Graduate program students 2019/2020The main challenge I believe young people face in today’s society is the big question of “so where do you see yourself in five years?”. Now, this dreaded question I can tell you is put to 90% of young people starting from the day they leave secondary school, if not earlier. The question is not intentionally intended to be a daunting one but speaking from a personal view I think it only brings what I like to refer to as the personal debate – does one actually know exactly where they see themselves so early on in their life to be able to truthfully answer this or does one genuinely really not know?

For me even after my three-year experience studying Marketing, I truthfully did not know what type of role I wanted to go into – only that I wanted a career in business. Therefore, the idea of successfully obtaining a place on a rotational Graduate Programme became significantly attractive to me as it provided the opportunity to rotate around an organisation gaining experience in various teams to work out my strengths and effectively identify my passion.

My Schneider Electric Journey

Graduate program awardThe Schneider Electric UK&I Graduate Programme did not disappoint this hope of better understanding what I wanted to pursue a career in. Throughout the year-long scheme I not only had the opportunity to undergo three roles across the business within the Customer Satisfaction and Quality, Talent Recruitment and Strategy teams but travel around the UK; present to Global teams; take charge in holding external events; represent the business at award evenings; become a STEM ambassador and mentor; and most of all, develop both personally and professionally.

This year has definitely changed my view on how valued I believe young people are seen not only in business but in society. Speaking from my experience at Schneider I have continuously been encouraged to challenge and offer input to aim to change the ‘norm’ not only in operations but in thinking. Therefore, I feel increasingly grateful that I have not only been able to start my career journey at a company that encourages diversity in all areas but wants to actively push for change and support all those who wish to do so. Therefore, the best advice I could give to someone starting their career journey would be not to wait for opportunity but create it – push for change as essentially as young people that is what we are valued for.

About the Author

Alice StocktonAlice Stockton was previously a Graduate Trainee on the UK 2019/20 Schneider Electric Graduate Programme. She currently is moving into her permanent position as an eCommerce Trader in the UK. Alice has a BSc (hons) Marketing with Advertising Degree from Edge Hill University and has the upmost passion to promote Schneider Electric. Connect with Alice on LinkedIn



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