Spark Scholars in the Philippines- International Youth Day 2020

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The journeys of Spark Scholars – Daneth & Renee

International Youth Day 2020August 12th is International Youth Day, observed by the United Nations. This year’s theme seeks to highlight the ways we engage with young people at local, national, and global levels. Engaging with young people enriches institutions and organizations as well as draws lessons on how representation and engagement of youth can be enhanced.

At Schneider Electric, we celebrate International Youth Day because we want to enable and provide young people with equal opportunities to strengthen their abilities and achieve global action. Through internships, early careers, scholarships, career development programs, and working with young people in our local communities, we empower our youth.

In this blog, we will highlight the experiences of Daneth and Renee as they were both chosen for the Schneider Electric Spark Scholar program in the Philippines.

Daneth’s Journey: How it began

In October 2018, Schneider Electric conducted a talk at my school discussing the Spark Scholarship program. To be honest, I was reluctant to participate in the said program due to some odds and problems that I might encounter. But I  changed my mind when the Center for Scholarship and Financial Assistance (CSFA) of my school posted that Schneider Electric preferred students who live in my hometown. Immediately after reading the post, I passed in my application and requirements to the CSFA.

In December 2018, Schneider invited me for an interview. I was really excited on that day, so I contacted my Grandmother who was a retired teacher and lived in California, USA. She gave me tips on interview preparation and mentioned that Schneider is a well-known company worldwide and that gave me more eagerness to grab the opportunity. During the interview, the atmosphere was so pleasant because all the managers were all genuine and friendly. Luckily, after waiting, Schneider Electric contacted me for the contract signing.

My Life as an Intern

Part of the Spark Scholarship program is to participate in their internship program. I’m learning so much from the training / sits-in seminars with employees and managers. The most impressive thing about Schneider Electric is that they don’t treat us as students but as one of their colleagues working hand-in-hand with them. The engineers are open to project innovations and accept suggestions from us scholars.

My position is on the Schneider Electric Exchange team. This team brings together a diverse ecosystem of digital innovators and experts, enabling the co-creation of solutions through intelligence. It empowers all to make the most of their energy for everyone at every moment with a systematic collaboration from the company’s engineers. We are now creating a tool to have a standard repair methodology like – repair digitization that would speed up the repair process. Hopefully, this repair methodology will be a success for accurate and effective tool assistance to our technicians.

“The most impressive thing about Schneider Electric is that they don’t treat us as students but as one of their colleagues working hand-in-hand with them.”

Being one of the scholars of Schneider Electric encourages me to always be active and updated on useful tools and resources, doing easy and efficient business, with product information, catalog, and installation the company offers. Consequently, this information privileges the new generation with opportunities to be well-versed with the modern technologies that Schneider Electric provides.


Renee’s Experience as a Spark Scholar 

Spark Scholars- Schneider ElectricIt was truly a blessing in May of last year to be chosen to be part of the Schneider Electric Spark Scholarship Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity, not everybody has the privilege to have.

Part of the program is to render ‘on-the-job’ training inside Schneider Electric’s smart factory shop floor, a state-of-the-art innovation, and one of the best in the industry and then become part of the company’s Energy Generation Program.

My training started with an orientation all about Schneider Electric. Process and rules under the ‘on-the-job’ training program were discussed and shared, including our roles as Spark Scholars. It was such a cool first day for all of us.

Spark ScholarsWe were then provided an opportunity to have a quick tour inside the various plants of Schneider Electric in Cavite and be able to see what’s inside in it and how the processes are done producing a high level of Quality Products with the applications of Smart Factory Innovations. It was really a remarkable experience!

During my training days, they’ve given me a project that involves digitization and analysis of the repair process that is being implemented inside their factories. In this project, I was able to collaborate with another Spark Scholar. Because of this project, we were able to observe the actual repairing of different units and how the process is being done. Not only that, but we were also given the opportunity to present our project to the Senior Managers and Engineers. They gave their insights and suggestions that helped us improve. As a youth, I could never be more thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity that they’ve given me.

Another highlight of my training is becoming a part of the Valentine’s Day event of Schneider Electric in Cavite. I was tasked to do a program for the said event and come up with different poster designs for each part of the program. The event was fun and exciting for all of us making it a successful event.

Overall, I’m very thankful to Schneider Electric for this wonderful experience. Their scholarship program is a great opportunity for us students for it will help us improve our competence and knowledge in the industry. Kudos to all who’ve been part of this program and to the future students who’ll be able to become Spark Scholars!

Spark Scholars are only one of the many programs that Schneider Electric hosts that empowers and engages youth to participate in global action, such as starting their career journey in a global company for sustainability. To learn more about the opportunities, follow us on our social media and check out our careers site to find vacancies and start your journey today!

About the Authors

Daneth- Spark Scholars in the PhilippinesDaneth D. Caseserano is a 5th-year Electrical Engineering student from Mapúa University in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines, and a Schneider Electric Spark Scholarship recipient. She is very fortunate to be one of the scholars and grateful to participate in the Schneider Electrics internship program in a manufacturing plant in the Philippines.

Renee- Spark scholar in the PhilippinesRenee Ylka N. Borejon is a Spark Scholar from Mapua University, Manila, Philippines. She was accepted as a Spark scholar last May 2019. She is currently a part of the Analysis and Digitization of Repair Process Project at Schneider Electric, Cavite, Philippines. She is an energetic and ambitious individual with a strong aptitude in hard work.

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