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You may have heard about Energy University by Schneider Electric but you haven’t made the commitment to register. What are you waiting for? Read below to see what you’re missing out on and what you could benefit from joining Energy University!

What is Energy University?

Energy University is a free, online learning resource focused on improving energy efficiency and conservation in any organization. Developed by Schneider Electric, Energy University delivers timely, unbiased information from data center and energy experts on the issues that matter most: energy consumption and measurement, efficiency applications, and ROI (return on investment) calculations.

what is energy university

Energy University currently offers over 350 courses in 13 languages, including more than 200 in English. Since 2006 more than 600,000 registered users from over 180 countries have taken some 1.2 million courses. Since courses are product and vendor-neutral, customers are educated about the latest trends and solutions in their industry/expertise.

Each course takes between 30-60 minutes to complete and will include a digital course certificate upon successful completion of the course. Courses are taken at your own pace, whenever you have the time, and they are always available.

Get Certified

In addition to online courses, Energy University also offers two certification exams. Certifications are a great way for you to grow in your career and seek new opportunities. Not to mention, help you stand out among candidates.

Energy University, in partnership with the Institute of Energy Professionals (IEP), offers the Professional Energy Manager (PEM) certification. This online exam option will enable energy professionals worldwide to pursue a highly-marketable credential in the growing field of energy management. This certification is offered in either a US version or SI Non-US version.

The Data Center Certified Associate certification (DCCA) indicates a foundational knowledge of critical physical infrastructure in the Data Center. Associates demonstrate a base level proficiency in the elements of: cooling, power, racks, cabling, fire protection, management, and physical security. Associates possess the basic knowledge necessary to participate on a team that designs or upgrades the physical layer of the Data Center

Although the certification exams come at a cost, all courses need to prepare for the certification exam are free of charge and taken online at your own pace.

Customized Development Paths

A unique option available to our customers is the ability to create customized development paths. We work closely with our customers to help them identify training needs in their organizations and provide a solution via Energy University. We are able to provide metrics that track usage and allow employees of these companies to fulfill internal career development requirements.

Energy University

Virtual Student Experience

At Schneider Electric, we are expanding our digital footprint! We want to provide university students the opportunity to get an inside look at Schneider with our Virtual Student Experience! Come learn from our experts on topics you can use at Schneider Electric or for your own future career.  More information to come soon, so keep a lookout!


Since 2006, Energy University has become an amazing resource for those who look to keep their skills fresh and further their careers. It is easy to get started, go to www.MyEnergyUniversity.com, and create your free account today!

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Thomas Clune Schneider ElectricTom Clune is the Program Manager for Energy University. He started at Schneider Electric in 2009 as the Global Curriculum Manager for Energy University to oversee the design and development of course development. Tom has been involved in the e-Learning industry for the past 20 years and brings a passion of technology to education. Tom hold an M.Ed from Northeastern University and was recognized by Training Magazine as their Top 40 Under 40.

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