Intern to Full-Time Engineer at Schneider Electric: How She Did It

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How I secured a full-time engineer role at Schneider Electric: An inclusive and fulfilling learning experience

Hi, my name is Suphamas. I am an Electrical Design Engineer in the Execution Center department at Schneider Electric Thailand. Initially I joined Schneider Electric as a Maintenance Engineer intern at the Bangpoo Factory. I am very proud to be part of an organization that values people for their unique differences and opinions.

Suphamas Lertkittiphan engineer at Schneider

Finding a new career path

When I was a final year engineering student, I still did not know in which field I wanted to pursue my career. Until I got the opportunity to join Schneider Electric as an intern. During my internship as a maintenance engineer, I learned how to fix machines in different ways and how to predict and manage the way we operate them to improve safety. Interning at Schneider Electric provided me solid hands-on experience, which led me to who I am today. I not only developed useful hard skills but also learned how to work with different people.

When I heard about an opportunity to join as a full-time Electrical Design Engineer at Schneider, I was very excited. I did not hesitate to accept the role as this was an area that I was interested in. My responsibility includes designing functions and systems in switchgear, liaising with customers and factory staff, and handling several projects. Most of the projects I handle are long-term, so I also need to manage the process and time schedule. What I like the most about this role is the opportunity to interact with and learn from so many engineers. As a female engineer, it has been very humbling to be part of this amazing team, where I can leverage my strengths to handle diverse challenges.

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Discovering an inclusive workplace

I chose to join Schneider Electric permanently because of its inclusive working environment. As a female engineer, I did not know what to expect when I joined as an intern on an engineering team where most of the people are male. But since day one, everyone has been so warm and welcoming to me, which makes me feel comfortable with the team and the company. It really feels like I am part of a family. I got to know my colleagues more personally and have been learning new things every day. My colleagues not only taught me technical skills, but also important soft skills. Everyone in the team is super friendly and amazing; I am very grateful to be part of Schneider. I realize that I have gained a lot of knowledge, ideas, and learning from the meaningful discussions I had with the team.

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Paving the way for the future

Since I completed my internship, I continue to see myself as an engineer who needs to acquire more skills to be better each day. Schneider Electric gave me the opportunity to find my own passion and be more confident as a female engineer. While female engineers still represent a minority in our industry, I can see that Schneider is empowering me to grow and become better each day. In the next three years, I look forward to learning more from our Automation team on various topics such as SCADA systems and Wireless Communication. I believe that my design experience combined with my engineering background would be useful for the Automation team while gaining more technical knowledge. Thank you to Schneider Electric for this great opportunity! If you want to work for a company with a meaningful purpose that is inclusive and empowering, apply today to work at Schneider Electric!

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Suphamas Lertkittiphan Electrical Design Engineer Schneider Electric

Suphamas Lertkittiphan is an Electrical Design Engineer in the Execution Center at Schneider Thailand. She graduated from Kasetsart University of Thailand, majoring in Electrical Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and exploring new places and outdoor activities.





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