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Schneider Electric customer experience intern

First Steps to the PERFECT MATCH!

My journey with Schneider Electric started when I was a Young Apprentice in ​​Local Adaptation in the Distribution Center (DC) of Cajamar. I was interested in the areas of health (so much that I am even studying psychology), but I was also very curious about the main areas of the industry, but had zero sense of how they worked. After a few conversations with the best mentor in the world (Hi Mom! Yes, it’s you), I applied for the position and my curriculum was selected. My first job was secured, and right away, I really liked it!

Schneider opened doors that I never imagined. They are a sustainable company that values ​​several good actions. From the beginning, I was very well received by the team, I met several people, in addition to learning about the company that until then I didn’t know many details about.

Smart distribution center- Schneider Electric Brazil Cajemar

After starting my studies at university, my first manager helped me with other opportunities at Schneider, which led to me being appointed to the position as a Customer Experience intern.

From that moment, I discovered what would become my passion for a job.

The sky isn’t the limit, you can go as far as you want!

It was love at first sight. That’s what I can say about what I do today.

When I was accepted for the position, my new manager warned me that it would not be easy, and it is true, working as a Customer Experience intern requires a lot of effort, but it is also very rewarding!

Innovation Hub, Customer experience at Schneider Electric

The sky here has no limit. We can: create, help, solve, discuss, learn, innovate … everything! That’s the most beautiful and magical part about Schneider Electric. I found that even over long distances, we can count on each other. It feels so good to share a customer’s relief when we can help and solve the problem. I discovered how difficult it can be to create a routine for “simple” things – which are not always that simple.

I met many new people, acquired new thoughts, discovered that I have a passion to go on customer visits and receive customers here at the Smart DC in Cajamar. Some visits and events, I plunged without fear! These instances may have been immensely frightening to some people but over time, became a fantastic experience for me!


customer visit as a customer experience intern in Brazil

Routine? What’s that?

I have already participated in several trainings and I have been able to teach some employees about them. It is also part of a Customer Experience journey to make visits to customers to better understand their process and how we can serve them efficiently – that is, to know if we are fulfilling their expectations. Here comes the best part for me: The customer visits!

Currently, we have had many visits to Smart DC and with the inauguration of the Innovation Hub, this number increased a lot! I have to admit, looking at the customer in the eyes and seeing that they are impressed is an awesome feeling! It feels like “Yeah! This is Schneider Electric, this is what we do!”

customer experience intern at Schneider Electric

“You can be anything” – Barbie is correct!

But Pam, how do you do it? Studying psychology and working with customers and logistics?” – Yes, I know, seems weird right?

Well, I wondered a lot about that too. I stopped to reflect several times on which path I was willing to take. Until during an intern event that we had at Schneider, my question about attending university for something different from what I’m working for was mentioned by a colleague who had a situation similar to mine. His response seemed to illuminate my mind: “If you like what you do now, then keep doing it!” – and here I am, and I couldn’t be happier!

International Women's Day at Schneider Electric

A lot of open doors as a customer experience intern

Schneider introduced me to a new world. I am very grateful for all the opportunities so far, all the people I have met – whether here or on the other side of the world, there are no barriers here.

In addition: to being open doors, defending diversity and respecting values, I think is very important to highlight a point that there is a lot of recognition.

I’m just thankful for all the wonderful moments that Schneider has provided me during my experience as an apprentice and now during my position as a Customer Experience intern!

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About the Author

Pâmella Cardoso Tokuy is a Customer Experience intern at Schneider Electric. She is currently in her 3rd year studying psychology, in parallel, she is taking some short courses on logistics. With a lot of curiosity about the Industry, she decided to go deeper into this theme by working at Schneider and discovered a new passion.

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