Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern: Sovannah

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Schneider Electric and I … not a coincidence!

It seems like Schneider Electric has always been a golden thread in the shadow of my daily life. First, I was born and raised in Rueil-Malmaison, near the big and modern building of Schneider Electric. Then, for university, I entered Sciences Po, where I wrote my thesis about the marketing of running races– analyzing races such as the Paris Marathon which is sponsored by … Schneider Electric! Then came the day I was looking for an internship, and Schneider Electric hired me. I did not know yet all I was about to learn and accomplish.

Schneider Electric intern

From studies to work

I have studied at Sciences Po for five years. I have loved my studies which gave me a political science and international relations background. Yet, I felt attracted by powerful companies and, above all, by discovering marketing. This was a huge gap between my background and the future I wanted. It was hard to find a company that trusted me. The first one who did was Schneider Electric: it was the first -but not the last proof of empowerment and trust the company gave me.

Welcome to the Digital Hub!

I joined the Paris Digital Hub made up of three other marketing interns. We all have different backgrounds, knowledge, culture, and personality: it is a great opportunity to learn from each other and to develop our skills. I could feel this sharing spirit from all the collaborators. They love to take time to explain their missions and share their experience with newcomers. I received so much advice since I arrived, not only from people I work with but also from people I was presented to.

Some of my projects …

I have been working on a core mission for a few months within Global Sales Operations. I am involved in the Commercial Coverage Transformation, a recent and challenging project, collaborating with an international team. Among my different missions, I did a benchmark of inside sellers’ competencies and external research to understand and explain the global shift of B2B sales due to digitization.

At the same time, I achieved some short missions: filmed some moments within the Digital Hub for the Employer Branding team, led an audit of all the Innovation Hubs and did some analytics to observe the impact of internal communication within Global Sales Operations.

What I like about all these diverse projects is that I discover many new things and people, which accelerates my understanding of Schneider and fulfills my desire for knowledge. No time to be bored, and lots of time to #LearnEveryDay!

Learning and empowerment through my core mission

marketing interns at Paris hub- Schneider Electric

As an intern from the Global Marketing Digital Hub, my core mission as mentioned earlier sometimes brought up a challenge. This is very different from what I used to learn and study, but I am very well-coached by my colleagues who took the time to onboard me and to train me. I also learnt a lot from the “Learning Days” that took place a few weeks after I arrived. Many conferences were organized within one week in order to train us new employees on new topics. I have the feeling this is an illustration of how Schneider Electric considers its employees: each of them has their proper background, but they can be pushed further and always learn new things.

To the future…

Through this mission, I have become more polyvalent and knowledgeable. Thanks to this experience, I will not be stuck to my studies background: I have been provided new skills and opened to new work fields. I feel now very confident in working in a multicultural environment where I can be autonomous and responsible on my mission. Working at Schneider is the best way for me to begin my work life!

About the author:

Sovannah Him- Marketing intern at Schneider electricSovannah Him is a student in Master 2 at Sciences Po Lille, where she has been interested in International Business topics after studying International Relations and Political Science. Working at the same time at Schneider Electric as an intern, she joined the Paris Digital Hub as a Global Marketing intern. Today, she shares with you her enthusiasm for the journey she is having up until now in the company.

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