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Unveiling hidden potential from the east!

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago country, with more than seventeen thousand islands.  The largest are Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua. Among these big five islands, Papua is the largest and easternmost province of Indonesia. It is known for its richness of natural resources along with the hidden potential of its people. Truly a latent treasure that is ready to be unveiled. As an advocate for diversity inclusion, I wanted to make sure that Papuan’s were exposed to equal career opportunities.

Two years ago, I joined Schneider Electric Indonesia.  On the 1st month of embarking on my journey with the organization, I had a simple question in mind, “How many eastern Indonesian young talents are in this company?” and the answer made me ponder a bit as it was only less than 10 people or I could count them with my 2 hands at the very least.

Florence Tuhumury presenting on Schneider Electric careers

You might be wondering why I was so concerned with the eastern young talent population in this company. Well…there are two reasons, the first being one of the company’s core values; Embrace Different.  It is a best practice in the workplace because Schneider’s commitment towards diversity and inclusion. I presume that there’s an equal career opportunity to pursue and develop in a job suited for you. Second to that is I am Moluccans (even though I was born and raised in Jakarta). Molucca is an exquisite, small island in the eastern part of Indonesia – between Papua and Sulawesi,  wherein I feel obliged to advocate the positive virtue of this organization to the eastern young talent community.

Papua Next Genz group learning about equal careers

Interest in Schneider Electric

April 2019 marked the course where I was fortunate to meet Papua Next Genz; a community of young talents from Papua for the very first time. I was invited to their meeting to share how as an eastern Indonesian young talent I am pursuing and developing my career in a multinational company like Schneider Electric and how the organization’s great values ​​and commitment bolster my course. It was a precious moment indeed. From my observation, these young talents are natural-born talented, smart, creative, innovative, achievers, possess the strong will to succeed, and surely the strong love for Papua.

Papua Next Genz learning about equal careers

The Next Generation of #SEGreatPeople

To my surprise, they were excited about my story and inspired to be the future #SEGreatpeople. I render my best support to these Papuan young talents joining Schneider Electric in the future. However, it doesn’t take long to bring them up to the company 😊. Three months after I met them, one of the members contacted me asking if he could interview one of my colleagues for his campus assignment. I asked, “why Schneider?“, he simply answered me “It stuck in my mind since the first time I heard about it from you!”. Long story short, I connected him with my colleague to complete his campus assignment. Once he finished the interview, he messaged me and wrote “Thank you, Ka Flo. Hopefully, I can make a return to Schneider Electric as an intern or even as your future talent” and I replied to him “You’re most welcome. Unleash the best potential within you. The door is always open for you”.

Gabriel SineriEqual career opportunities for Papuan’s

Meet Gabriel Sineri, a young Papuan who was granted a full scholarship from Sampoerna Academy in collaboration with Arizona State University. Gab; as I called him,  in his fifth semester of a Mechanical Engineering major told me, “to me, diversity is a new term of excellence. Knowing that a global company as Schneider Electric explicitly commits towards diversity and inclusion has assured me that as a young Papuan there’s an equal opportunity that lies wide-open to be the future #SEGreatPeople and ensure that Life Is On in Tanah Papua!” expressed the loyal fans of FC Barcelona and Persipura Jayapura.

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Florence Tuhumury

About the Author

Florence Tuhumury is an HR Services Specialist based in Schneider Indonesia’s Jakarta office. Flo has been working with Schneider Indonesia since June 2017. She has a dream to see more eastern Indonesian young talent joining the organization as a real walk the talk action of the company’s good values and commitment towards diversity and inclusion.

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