A Global Student Competition: Perks of Winning Schneider Go Green

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My Winning Prize for the 2018 Schneider Go Green student competition

Winner of Schneider Go Green student competition 2018
Winning moment of Schneider Go Green 2018

It all started with winning the Schneider Go Green global student competition in 2018 that I had to choose two cities to visit as part of the prize. Choosing the two countries was a bit tough especially considering the fact that the cities had to be chosen from over 100 countries where Schneider Electric has offices. However, finally, I sifted through and ended up choosing Canada and Australia. To me, the decision on countries was based on the mix of countries that I was always aspired to visit and as well as countries where Schneider Electric was vibrant.

Exploring Schneider Electric Canada

I started by visiting Toronto, Canada for a week. While I was there I had a great time interacting with Schneider Electric employees. I had a chance to have one on one discussions with Schneider Electric experts and further networked with my peers, learning what it was like to be part of the Schneider family. The first day was dedicated to learning what Schneider Electric in Mississauga was doing in terms of business. During that day I was taken through different sections of the business from the sales department to services and technology. I was also taken through the laboratory where I could understand how systems are designed in order to meet customer expectations and simultaneously produce quality and reputable products and services. I even got the chance to share my #BoldIdea that led me to win the Schneider Go Green student competition!

Exploring Canada
Exploring Canada!

Visiting a customer was one of the most interesting activities for me because I learned how to effectively present a business case to a customer. Furthermore, it also gave me a timely chance to ask questions where I needed clarifications during the customer visit journey.

#BoldIdea student competition winner
Presenting my Bold Idea in Canada

Throughout the week we had some touristic activities as I was taken to places such as CN Tower, Aquarium, WaterFront, Distillery District, and St Andrew’s market. All these places came with fun and I got the chance to try delicious Canadian food. From these activities, I noticed and appreciated the diversity and multiculturalism in Toronto, I could see how people from different nationalities were interacting in a friendly and appreciative manner leading to a peaceful and adorable environment.

Exploring Sydney with Local Graduates 

From Canada, I went straight to Sydney, Australia for another week, and this time thinking I now had an idea of how I was going to spend the week judging from Canada activities. The journey was long totaling to over 20 hours in such a way that I had to rest after arriving. The rest was however colored with anxiety as I was eager to explore Australia and Schneider Electric activities in Sydney!

Schneider Electric Sydney
Exploring Sydney with Graduates!

The first activity was a tour of Ingleburn Smart Distribution Center and it came with my long-waited EcoStrucxure learning opportunity. I asked numerous questions as I was taken through the whole Schneider Electric supply chain from manufacturing to when the product reaches the customer destination. After the Smart DC tour, we went to Schneider Electric Macquarie Park where I had an interactive lunch with a team of Graduates. Following that, I had meetings with the executive team where I learned even more about Schneider Electric Sydney.

The next few days in Sydney were a mixture of learning opportunities and touristic activities. With the company of the Graduates, we visited interesting places such as the famous Opera House, Taronga Zoo and the adventurous Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. Touring the meticulously architectured Opera House and the Bridge Climb stood out to be the most amazing activities while not forgetting the eventful Taronga Zoo package.

Distribution center at Schneider Electric Sydney
Distribution Center at Schneider Electric in Sydney

Overall, the two visits were packed with fun, learning, and networking from which I was able to take home lessons of the way Schneider Electric does business, knowing the two cities Toronto and Sydney, and establishing network connections with #SEGreaPeople. I am so fortunate to have won Schneider Go Green 2018 and that with my prize, I was able to explore the world and make new connections.

Are you interested in participating in the 2020 edition of the Schneider Electric Go Green global student competition? Register your team and bold idea on the website:  www.gogreen.se.com. Time is running out!! You can win the trip of a lifetime just like me! The 2020 global winner will win an all-inclusive trip to Boston, MA to visit and tour MIT and Greentown labs!

About the Author

Zvirevo Chisadza student competition winnerZvirevo Chisadza is the Schneider Go Green student competition, 2018 global winner. Zvirevo is from Zimbabwe and attended school in Algeria at the Pan African University, Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES). Himself and his teammate had the winning bold idea of developing an Organic Photovoltaic Greenhouse (OPG) to grow crops. Unlike conventional greenhouses, an OPG is covered in a layer of flexible organic solar cells, which allow the greenhouse to remain self-sufficient. That means there’s no need for fossil-fuel-based sources of energy to keep the greenhouse running. Just sunlight. Zvirevo is now working full-time for Schneider Electric as an Access to Energy Sales Engineer in Cameroon. Connect with Zvirevo on LinkedIn!

Schneider Go Green student competition

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