7 best moments of Schneider Go Green 2019

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Schneider Electric is not only the global leader in energy management and automation but also, uses its position to find sustainable solutions to change the future of the industry and transform lives. With Schneider Go Green, we aim to find bold and innovative solutions among university students for efficient energy management and automation. Hence, you can see Schneider Electric’s commitment to sustainability through this global student competition. As Schneider Go Green celebrates it’s 10 years, we decided to re-live the top 7 moments of the 2019 edition.

#1 Go Green finalists exploring Barcelona

Go Green finalists Go karting in Barcelona  

Who knew that a student competition could be so fun? On the first day in Barcelona, the 8 regional winner teams were set to explore the city of Barcelona. They visited the National Art Museum of Catalunya and La Sagrada Familia. They also played around on the beach and took some amazing photos with the breathtaking sunset.

Most importantly, it was a great start to the event as the participants made friends from all over the world.


#2 Behind the scenes of La Sagrada Familia

Schneider Go Green finalists visiting La Sagrada FamiliaWhat’s so cool about La Sagrada Familia besides its 133 years of history? The data center that enables this popular monument to manage and store data in an efficient way is provided by Schneider Electric! At Schneider, we understand the needs of the customers. Therefore, while La Sagrada Familia is under renewal and construction, we provided the perfect solution for them in modular data center. The Go Green finalists had VIP access to visit and learn about this solution and catch a glimpse of the technology behind this magnificent monument.


#3 Bold Idea presentations


The students presented their #boldidea to Schneider leaders and external academia. Throughout the competition, they also received guidance from mentors and Schneider experts for support on putting their ideas into a structured presentation. Hence, the feedback was extremely valuable for them. Certainly, the judges were really impressed with the ideas for sustainable energy management as they could see these ideas being used in the real world.


#4 Networking!


The top 8 teams of the Go Green competition had the opportunity to network with industry experts and the judges (Vice Presidents and Directors from Schneider Spain). In addition, they had the chance to connect with other #SEGreatPeople around Innovation Summit, the biggest Schneider Electric event.

Other than professionally, Go Green promotes a great opportunity to meet students and make friends with people from all across the globe!


#5 Schneider Electric Innovation Hub Tour 

Innovation hub tour for Go Green finalistsThe teams visited Schneider’s Innovation Hub in Barcelona. Here, they witnessed the best of Schneider Electric products and solutions and also, discovered the latest innovations at Schneider. They learnt about Schneider’s story, values and its commitments.



#6 Keynote by Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Schneider Innovation Summit Go Green finalists had the golden opportunity of attending the keynote speech by Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric. In the keynote, Jean-Pascal Tricoire discussed the importance of ensuring that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. Further, he discussed the power of co-innovation and collaboration. The session was a great motivation to the finalists and provided them with an insight to Schneider Electric. Further, the keynote gave them an understanding of the latest market trends, energy technologies and integrated solutions.


#7 The Winning team pitch on stage

 Schneider Go Green winners

The Winning team, Aloe e-cell from India pitched their #boldidea on the stage at the Innovation Summit. That is to say, hundreds of Schneider employees, journalists, customers and other guests heard and appreciated their innovative and bold idea! The audience responded to the pitch with a huge round of applause, giving these future leader more confidence and motivation.

To sum it up, Schneider Go Green 2019 was an amazing experience! There was an amazing exchange of sustainable ideas, networking, exploring and so much more…

If you have a bold idea for efficient energy management and automation, sign up for Go Green 2020. Find a partner and submit your business case idea now! The top teams will present their ideas and the winner gets a trip to Boston with a VIP tour at MIT and at the biggest sustainable incubator, Greentown labs!

For more information, visit gogreen.se.com

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