Flexibility and Support in Ilianes day to day job

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Iliane Perdu was interviewed by Where Women Work, and through this interview, we are able to dive into the day to day of Iliane’s career and job at Schneider Electric. Throughout the interview below, we are able to explore the opportunities, flexibility and support that Iliane is able to achieve through her job.

Embracing exciting training opportunities and developing her skills

Everyday work for Iliane focuses on implementing smooth delivery of Schneider Electric’s electrical equipment and services, while she is also currently finishing her Customer Project Management Associate training and planning to work towards her Customer Project Management certification.

Iliane is also in the midst of a big project (the CLN3: data center) and is managing some small transactional projects. She knows that there are always bigger projects to come, so she makes the most of every opportunity to enhance her skills and knowledge.

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Every day is different and support is key for Iliane

When asked what interests her most about her role, Iliane replies “Every day is different and I like the multidisciplinary element of tasks: technical, management, commercial, organization and schedule – my work is never boring. I enjoy achieving things and seeing that I have made a positive impact.”

Iliane also appreciates the support she receives from Schneider Electric. “I first started as a contractor with a recruitment agency and then Schneider Electric offered me a permanent position,” she explains. “The company trusts me to be in charge of interesting projects and currently supports me through training in Project Management.”

“The team is supportive globally, but the most supportive people to me personally are my line managers: Eoin and Brian,” Iliane continues. “Brian has been my guide and he always responds to my ideas, queries and provides clear explanations even when we disagree. He always considers my opinion, which is important as a woman engineer in a male environment. Eoin as my direct line manager supports me through training certification and building my competencies.”

Trusted to get the job done in her own way

The flexible and supportive working culture at Schneider also works well for Iliane, combined with the trust that her managers place in her abilities. “My manager allows me to work from home when I request to and that is really appreciated. He of course keeps track of what work is being completed but he focuses on the output and quality, he doesn’t track my hours in terms of how long he can see me at my desk.”

Her manager’s trust in her competence and ability to set her own work structure make Iliane’s job truly work for her. This, combined with a path for career progression and transparent culture, motivates Iliane to remain with Schneider Electric.

Encouraging further women at Schneider

Iliane would like to see more women working in her industry and believes this can be achieved through: promoting roles fairly based on skills and talent, management by example, promoting and supporting parental leave, offering help with childcare, and forbidding meetings after 5pm. “Not only women should pay the career progression cost of parenting,” she adds.

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Iliane also advises further women “not to be afraid or hesitate to ask for feedback, advice, support training and promotions. Nothing is handed to you, you need to create your own career”. And if she could give one piece of advice to her younger self it is “be efficient, and use the time you have the best way, be smart and network”.

Ensuring great well being and enjoying free time

Iliane describes herself as honest, efficient and careful and she applies these qualities to her work as well as her home life.

“To me, our industry makes us implicit in all of the subjects that have an impact on our daily lives. What I really like is to be part of world change,” she says.

When I have time away from work my holidays are very important to me. I need to be always feel occupied and, when I am not, I am usually organizing my next weekend or trip. I really enjoy scuba diving and I like to travel.”

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Iliane Perdu is a Project Engineer and Manager at Schneider Electric in Ireland. Her day to day tasks consist of coordination of supply chain, documentation and quality control, project planning and more. When she is not working, she spends her time taking trips as travelling is one of her hobbies.

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