Go Green participant now working at Schneider- Why it’s a perfect match

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When I joined Schneider Electric, I went home for Christmas and was trying to explain to my whole family what I did at work (#millennialproblems). I wasn’t sure my grandmother, who still lives on a farm in the countryside of Brazil, was understanding the concept of corporate sustainability. Or so I thought! To my surprise, in the middle of the conversation, she asked me:

“But Laura, does your company care about the environment and society or is it just for publicity?”

It got me thinking for a few seconds…And I realized she had the same understanding about sustainability that many people still have: that it is only for publicity and not a real concern for businesses. And I said:

“Yes, Grandma, WE at Schneider Electric do care! Or I wouldn’t be here!”

This is the first item of the “Why I love working at Schneider Electric” list: we care about sustainability and it is at the core of our business strategy.

CEO Schneider Electric


We, as a company, have the purpose of promoting sustainability through our business. We make energy more efficient, safe, connected, reliable and sustainable for EVERYBODY on the planet. This is the main reason why I decided to join SE, our values match! I have a strong belief that, for my generation, there is less separation between the values we promote in our personal and professional lives. It’s not possible to just take off the badge at the end of the day and be someone else. I need to feel like myself the whole day and to know that my time and energy are being invested in causes I believe in.

working at schneider electric from home


Nowadays we work, have fun and learn in many ways. We play using our phones, we buy using our tablets, we study using our computers… and Schneider knows it. We are more and more digital in our personal lives and it makes our lives simpler, why wouldn’t it happen at work too?

At SE, I feel free to manage my time and find the best work-life balance for me by using digital tools that allow me to learn online, work remotely and connect with people across the world.

P.S.: I am writing this from home.


Schneider- go green in the cityBE YOURSELF 

At Schneider, we embrace different and how could we not? Being a company with a presence in more than 100 countries, diversity is imperative for the business. Diversity and Inclusion is a big thing at SE and I’m proud to see that the company educates its people on this matter and raises the bar. Not only do I feel free to be myself, I feel encouraged and supported to do so! As a young woman and engineer in the technology business, sometimes the environment can intimidate you. This is not the case at Schneider.

working at Schneider- learn every dayLEARNING CULTURE 

I love to learn, and I’ve learned so much since I joined Schneider. I’ve unveiled a whole new world of technology that I have only experienced as a spectator before, and now I’m inside! The advantage of working in a company that is leading technology worldwide is that you get to be on the edge of developments, discoveries and projects. The possibilities still amaze me every day. My daily work is a learning experience and I feel compelled to always learn more and bring disruptive ideas to the table.

working at Schneider- Go Green in the City


Go Green in the City is not only one of the reasons I love SE, it is also how this love story started. I learned about Schneider because of the competition, and years of flirting (I participated 3 times in a row) ended up resulting in this long- term relationship.

Hosting a global competition for young people about sustainability means we are influencing thousands of young people to embark on a journey about future, empowerment and purpose. Knowing that, every year, thousands of students accept the challenge to think of ideas for a more sustainable world, keeps my spirit high and makes me proud to be a part of this company.

Well, my list goes longer, but now that you have a hint of what it is like to work at SE and why I love it, it’s time to say goodbye. I would like to use our CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire’s words: “When it comes to sustainability and especially climate change, I’m neither a pessimist nor an optimist; I’m an activist”. I, just like him, believe companies can and must do something about sustainability. Governments can, my grandmother can, and so can you. So, what is YOUR idea to GO GREEN?


working at Schneider Electric- BrazilLaura Lima Guaitolini has a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Engineering from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) and was an exchange student in Environment and Planning at the University of Liverpool, where she has developed projects in Urban Green Infrastructure. She was a delegate for the  Brazilian Youth Parliament for Water (Parlamento Nacional da Juventude pela Água – PNJA) for three years and has been part of the Organization and Judging Commission of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize in Brazil. She is a finalist and winner of the Go Green in the City Competition by Schneider Electric. Laura has experience in natural resources water management in the Pulp and Paper industry. She currently works at the Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Department for South America, where she is responsible for the strategy and execution of eco-efficiency projects related to energy use, water consumption, carbon footprint and circular economy.

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