How I Landed a Dream Job for Millennials

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Hi, my Name is Abdurrahman Rafi and I have been working at Schneider Electric Indonesia for more than two years. I am currently a Transport Coordinator as part the Global Supply Chain function. I am proud to have joined a company that empowers me to learn everyday and enables me to develop myself through its unique culture and core values. Working at Schneider Electric has proven to me that this is a job suitable for millennials.

Connecting to a purpose-driven organization

I joined Schneider Electric Indonesia Logistic department in 2017 after I graduated from the University of Sriwijaya. My first experience with the company dates back to 2015 when I was selected by my university to become a Schneider Electric Campus Ambassador. This role provided me not only strong exposure to real environmental and sustainability issues but also the opportunity to appreciate the importance of managing our energy consumption to secure a better future for our planet. In short, I was empowered to act as an agent of change and bring to the campus a new social mission through energy management.

As a result, Earth Fest, a green movement celebrating Earth Day, was launched in 2016 to raise more awareness on energy efficiency towards a sustainable planet. This was a truly meaningful and rewarding experience that gave me the motivation to be a part of its mission and learn more, especially through Schneider Electric’s Energy University program.

earth day in Indonesia
Celebrating Earth Day 2016 with ID Green Communities

Broadening your skills, expanding your horizons

If you wish to learn something new every day, Schneider Electric is a great place to work. As a millennial who is passionate about learning and constantly seeking some novelty, I must say that I have received exceptional training opportunities since I joined our Jakarta office. This includes online courses on the latest technologies we use: Digital Transformation, Big Data, or Artificial Intelligence, among others. I also had the chance to attend Learning & Development programs such as the Schneider Electric Catalyst Program and the Global Supply Chain Energy Generation Program.

millennial innovation day speaker
Speaking at Innovation Day 2018

These trainings combined with great mentorship have been extremely valuable and a great example of how the company truly empowers you to grow and learn something new every day. These have surely enhanced my skills, broadened my knowledge, and improved my confidence to solve real business issues through innovation and project solutions. It is the company’s unique culture and core values that makes Schneider Electric a great place to work and job for millennials.

About the Author

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Abdurrahman Rafi is a transportation coordinator in the Global Supply Chain business unit. He is based in the Schneider Electric Jakarta, Indonesia head office.  Abdur has been working for Schneider for 2 years, but has been involved with the company since this days back at University where he was a campus ambassador in 2015 to 2016.


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