My career journey as a digital native

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I’m Morgan Ekam-dick. I’m a digital native, passionate about Innovation, new technologies, collaboration, people & team impact on business. I am always eager to learn, meet and discover people that can help me understand the work environment and how as an early career we can grow, evolve and be empowered to live our unique life and work. That’s why I joined Schneider Electric the first time. Let me do a throwback to share my career journey!


Starting my professional life

After spending two years of Literature preparatory school, I joined Neoma Business School in Rouen to validate in France the so called “Master Grande Ecole”, specializing in HR, consulting and Digital transformation. That was actually three wonderful years where I got involved in several associations such as Culture connection, our international student office that welcome and integrate exchange students on the campus. A great melting pot that encourages me to always nurture and celebrate diversity wherever I’ll be working.

Culture connection, gathering student from Germany, USA, Uruguay, France, China

I also used these 3 years to get to know better the professional world and maximized Internships everywhere. Firstly, I spent 4 months in a Start-Up developing my skills on SEO (search engine optimization), content curation and CRM as responsible for day-to-day eCommerce website content management. Then, I joined a SME focusing on organizing Digital events and serious games to accompany the Digital transformation of big companies. Finally, I worked as a Digital workplace consultant for a 6 month-mission in Danone.

All these experiences brought me towards my willingness and curiosity to work for a big company focusing on his Digital Transformation. When the opportunity of joining Schneider Electric came, as Digital transformation leader for Energy management and Automation, I jumped on it.

Apprenticeship @SE

I was about to sign in for an apprenticeship in a big company, when I received a phone call from Schneider Electric, proposing me to join an interview and listen to what they had to offer. I must confess I was curious, so I decided to let myself reflect one more day to meet the recruiter. And that was the best choice I ever made!

In the interview process, I quickly learned that Schneider is a people-centric organization in a collaborative style and culture. Moreover, the company is focused on making a difference in the world through technology and by solving business problems, especially around energy. The company has a bold vision and strong heritage in innovation and technology. Moreover, the opportunity to join Global HR and work as a digital learning specialist was exciting. This one-year apprenticeship in Schneider Electric was one of the best working experience so far. I met so many great people in the company, always available to help, share feedback and advise, that I quickly felt right at home.

And what better feeling could you possibly be looking for than arriving at work, smiling, eager to work for an inclusive company with a meaningful purpose ensuring that life is on everywhere for everybody and at every moment?

Working for Schneider Electric

As a digital native, I now work on a full-time contract at Schneider Digital Europe IT. I analyze what makes our organization stand out from others and how to build and nurture an agile workforce with relevant and up-to-date digital skills that can drive business success.

My mission is to accelerate our Digital Transformation and build a modern workplace for all employees. We want to empower our people to work smarter and use technology to reach their targets faster.

For this purpose, we launched the Digital champions, a community of volunteers trained to foster the new ways of working within the company. Today, more than 850 employees in Europe and France are driving this transformation together, empowering our people and our organization to achieve more. Creating a culture of knowledge sharing, improving operational efficiency, deploying the IT solutions of today and tomorrow and ensuring that our work space is safe and reliable are such a challenge but rewarding experience. I’m glad to be part of such a great project team with empowering leaders, continuously pushing us to dare to disrupt and act like owners.

Our Digital Native Champion Community

This is actually what I like above all within Schneider: the accessibility and support of inspiring leaders to make you grow and learn fast and the dedication of #SEGreatPeople to creating and stimulating collective intelligence to build support around a vision of the future: the future of work.

Dare to Disrupt

If you want to join a company that empowers you to dare to disrupt, Schneider Electric is the place to be. Here are 5 pieces of advice based on my experience so far :

  1. Genuinely listen to others & always ask for feedback #TrueListening
  2. Take the time to understand what your business does #BeCurious
  3. Meet and get to know others’ stories #Bond
  4. Always fix a limit before investing yourself #FreeUpYourEnergy
  5. Recognise that failure is learning #FeelSecureAtWork

As my managers say, this is you that makes your own job, so be bold, dare and build your own path! #LifeisON

About the Author

Morgan is a Digital Transformation enabler at Schneider Electric. He is passionate about Digital transformation challenges and Innovation. Outside Schneider Electric, Morgan enjoys travelling and diving, journey across lands and sea to discover new cultures and undersea life.

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