5 Career Tips for Young Professionals

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I joined Schneider Electric Brazil in 2012 as a Marketing Intern. Looking back, I realize that I could get amazing mentoring and advice from many leaders around the world, which has been fundamental to grow my career. Now, working in the Global HR team to lead the Global student competition, named Schneider Go Green I’ve connected with some of the colleagues in Schneider, who were recruited from Schneider Go Green. They share here precious pieces of career tips that will help young professionals to boost their career.

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1. Enjoy each stage

“Starting a work career is exciting, first day in the office is always special and memorable. Remember the passion when you enter the work force and pursue your dream. Whichever assignment given to you, work on it with all your heart and passion. Every effort counts and it helps to sharpen your skills for next step in your career.”

– Su-Jin NG, SE Green The World University Challenge participant in 2009
   Currently, Project Marketing Manager in Schneider Electric France

We all have career dreams and ambitions, but every stage brings the right foundation for the next step ahead. Be open to #LearnEveryDay and embrace the process of getting matured in every role, every project. The excellence present in every task will lead you on the right path towards your objective.


2. Opportunities are there, chase and grab them!

career tip from Lishi for young professionals“Be open, be proactive, get out of your comfort zone and try different things, so you will be clearer about what you really like. Chase each opportunity. We grow up in the way ‘learning by doing’. Don’t be afraid making mistakes, but do not repeat same mistake twice.”
– Lishi Chen, Go Green participant in 2013 and 2014,
Currently, Customer Project Engineer in Schneider Electric Hungary

You are responsible for your career. Sometimes in your role you’ll need to step up out of insecurity and try something new. It sure feels like butterflies in the stomach, but always remember to ask for senior people’s advice to help you succeed on your new task. Ask them for mentorship and learn from their experience. They are always ready to help young professionals with career tips.

3. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas

career tip from Angela for young professionals “My advice on Youth Day is to be bold by sharing your ideas. I was able to do this through my experience with the Schneider Go Green competition. I learned that even though I was still in school, my ideas were valuable. The competition gave me and my teammate a platform to share our crazy ideas with people who could help us make them happen. We were assigned to a mentor with industry knowledge who was able to help us fine-tune our business case and carry us to the Global Finals of Go Green. If my teammate and I had kept our idea to ourselves, we would never have had the support of the people from Schneider to propel our idea forward.”
– Angela Carver, Go Green participant in 2018
Currently, Performance Assurance consultant in Schneider Electric US.

Innovation comes from diversity of ideas. While working and researching on a topic, new insight may come to your mind. Share your ideas and insights with your colleagues and manager to get their feedback and vision. Not all ideas become a project, but certainly all ideas are needed for great project be developed.


4. Act like an owner

career tip from Jasmin for young professionals“I would like to share useful advice from my supervisor. She said that the most important skill when you just started your career is the problem-solving skill and attitude. We are the one to solve problems, or at least attempt to solve the problems.”
– Jasmine Lee, Go Green Global Winner in 2014,
Currently, Sales Engineer in Schneider Electric Hong Kong

As you progress in your career, you will face complex problems. If you position yourself as a problem-solver, you will certainly be ready for new challenges with positive spirits. I’d dare to say that most of the times, truly understanding the problem itself is the most important moment and will bring the solution organically.

Last but not least, and my personal career tip for young professionals:

5. Value people around you

Everyone: your colleagues, your manager, people in the cafeteria and security guards. Everyone can teach you something based on their career experience, their background, their life. You can be empowered by many people, but you also can empower someone today. People is what makes a company great, and I’m happy to say that you can also be part of it.

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