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Today is #NationalInternDay, and we want to celebrate and recognize some of our wonderful Schneider Electric interns!  Check out our SE_Careers twitter and our Instagram throughout the day to see even more photos & stories.

We asked our interns to share a bit about their experiences and memories as an intern at Schneider.  Be sure to celebrate the great interns in your company today, and every day!  Feel free to add a comment sharing your own internship experience.

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“Interning with Schneider challenged me to put what I had learned in the classroom to use, gave me the freedom to be creative and improve current processes, and provided me with the opportunities to grow in my career by working with highly qualified and experienced employees in my field of interest.

I’m very thankful for the opportunities that Schneider has offered me as an intern and now full time employee!”

– Johan Pennerat
Business Analyst, Global Supply Chain

“At Schneider Electric, my internship exposes me to the real world. Through being constantly on the field and attending regular meetings I have been exposed to a lot of the day to day tasks of the business. This has been a great learning experience as well as an immense opportunity for growth. What I like the most is that people are willing to help me grow. This is seen through one on one time I get to spend with project managers which has been of an immense value.”

– Israel Makambu
Engineering Intern, Energy & Sustainability Services


“Interning at Schneider Electric allowed me to learn about the company and its #SEgreatpeople by interacting with colleagues across multiple business units and diverse teams on a daily basis. I am grateful for my management who led by example and encouraged me to take ownership and responsibility for my work.

By translating my classroom knowledge to the work environment throughout my internship, I gained a better understanding of the market for Microgrids and Distributed Energy as well as a heightened technical ability in designing systems and projects. I then took the real world design and financial assessment skills back to my final year of school with a new perspective. When offered a full time role before graduation, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t imagine a better team or company to begin my career with.”

– Samantha Childress
Microgrid Solutions Architect

“When I began my search for a new internship experience the summer before my senior year of college, I was unsure where I would end up. My quest led me to the role of Strategy and Enablement Intern at Schneider Electric this past fall. From my initial interview with Shannon Hadfield, and through my continuous work alongside Jennifer Zorner, I have always felt like I’ve had a seat at the table. Regardless of my previous experience, my ideas have been encouraged, but more importantly, valued.

The flexibility, open dialogue, and freedom provided by my supervisors has exposed me to an array of unique projects; each one providing a new lesson or skill so that I continue to #learneveryday. This, coupled with the welcoming atmosphere in the Schneider Electric office, has made my internship experience more fulfilling than I had thought originally possible. I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge with SE and in my role as an intern while I enter the final stages of my college education.”

– Aislinn Curry
Strategy and Enablement Intern, NAM Secure Power Division

“I started as an intern at Schneider when I was only 19. I was brought onto a global team and was given the responsibility of creating a brand new company portal for the cyber security department. As an intern, it was a great experience to get a lot of responsibility – this helped me to develop tangible skills, developing me into a more viable candidate for my full-time career. Only 6 months after the start of my internship, I was offered a full-time specialist position in my industry!”

– David Seybert
Cyber Security Marketing Intern

“I started as an intern on the North American eCommerce Channels team reporting to Amy-Just Cullinane who was and continues to be a supportive mentor in my career at Schneider Electric. During my time as an intern, I got exposure to all aspects of channel marketing. My team was extremely supportive, giving me interesting and valuable hands-on tasks. Besides learning and developing, the internship allowed me opportunities to get involved and meet other employees from all different teams.

My piece of advice would be to take advantage of not only your internship role but the all the great company opportunities. Push yourself, keep a positive attitude and get involved!”

– Halle Epstein
Product Marketing Specialist, Home & Business Networks

“My internship at Schneider Electric prepared me exponentially more than I expected it would in its 3 month time span. It pushed me and grew me to look different at my senior year, my subsequent time abroad and have different eyes to understand my position upon starting full time at Schneider this past April. My internship encouraged me to ask hard and purposeful questions, as well as taught applicable tools of stewardship of my time, priorities and effort. My internship prepared me for where I am today, and where I am confident I can go in this company.”

– Myranda Murway
Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Energy & Sustainability Services


“I’m extremely grateful for all the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet, and everything that I’ve learned so far through my research in wireless communications. At first it was a little intimidating, as I’m surrounded by people that are experts in their fields and have been doing this work for as long as forty years! But I quickly realized that my boss and co-workers aren’t there to intimidate me; they’re invaluable resources, and connections that I hope to keep for a long time.”

– Alyssa Wells-Lewis
Innovation Intern, Energy & Sustainability Services


“Interns who ask plenty of questions end up with plenty of answers and a lot of work. I think this is the Schneider way.  I want to keep learning everyday as I grow into a now two-year-old Schneider Electric employee and leader.  Schneider interns do it best!”

– Babiker Suliman
Application Design Engineer


“As part of my internship I had the great opportunity of receiving a tour of Greentown Labs, the nation’s largest clean tech startup incubator. I was able to see the office and lab space that these startups utilize and get a glimpse of the amazing improvements they are making towards society. It was also interesting to learn about Schneider Electric‘s partnership with Greentown Labs and how their support gives these startups the necessary resources they need to excel.”

– Julien Ataya
Manufacturing Engineering Intern


“I am so grateful for my internship opportunity at Schneider Electric within the finance department this summer! I have learned more in the past 12 weeks than I could have ever anticipated and challenged myself beyond my own expectations. I am eager to take all that I have learned with me as I finish my last two years of school, continue on to another internship, and begin my professional career.”

– Lisa Conforti
Finance Intern

“Working for Schneider Electric has given me the opportunity to expand and build upon my prior knowledge, network with individuals in all levels of employment, and to gain cultural experiences with employees from all around the world that are based at the Nashville HUB.  Due to working in the Building Operations team, I have been able to build beneficial relationships that will carry me through graduation and my career.”

– Garrett Greer
Mechatronic Engineering Intern

Garret and Parker, both engineering interns pose for a photo with their mom, Kara, who is also a Schneider Employee

“Working at Schneider has given me the opportunity to learn from hands on experiences and make numerous connections with individuals working in every aspect of the company.”

– Parker Greer
Mechatronic Engineering Intern






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