Building an Inclusive Culture for LGBT+ at Work

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In celebration of Pride month, I’m sharing my story

In Hong Kong, LGBT+ rights are different.

As a French citizen living in Hong Kong, I cannot marry my partner in this city. My partner and I, took this as an opportunity to celebrate our marriage twice. First, we married in Canada – my husband being a Canadian citizen – we signed our wedding certificate there. We had a small celebration with a few friends and family. Later, we celebrated our wedding in a beautiful ceremony in Brittany, France, where I come from, with all our friends and family.

I have been “out” at work for a long time, even before I came to Hong Kong in 2013. For me it is important to comfortably be myself in my working place.  For me, being myself at work is crucial.

Over the past few years, our company has adapted and improved the way to talk about Inclusion. Especially about LGBT+ communities. When I joined Schneider Electric in France, my partner and I had access to the same benefits as any other couple. Even before marriage was legal, the company was already one of the few to recognize all forms of unions.

Going above and beyond with medical insurance benefits for same-sex married couple

For a global city, LGBT+ rights at work in Hong Kong are limited. Same-sex marriages are not recognized. There is no anti-discrimination law for LGBT+ in the working environment.

I am very proud that Schneider Electric, for the first time, has extended medical insurance benefits for same-sex married couples in Hong Kong. This is a great step in the right direction for the company. Schneider Electric is definitely going above and beyond. I think everyone should be inspired by this.

However, these benefits are only available for LGBT+ people who marry in countries where same-sex unions are legal. For local employees, unless they can get married overseas, it is still very difficult to receive the same benefits.

Looking for Allies to create respectful and supportive environments

Personally, I hope that my story can encourage other LGBT+ people to come out and inspire them to be entirely themselves at work at Schneider Electric, and everywhere else.

I also hope to inspire new allies to support LGBT+ community at work and help us to create this respectful and supportive environment for all minorities.

I will continue to be attentive to all the struggle that LGBT+ people face at work around the world. We should continue to guide our companies along the learning curve, building an inclusive culture for LGBT+, featuring minorities in our campaigns, in our customer stories, and speaking up about our commitment for LGBT+ rights in all countries where Schneider Electric does business.

I am glad to be able to contribute to this amazing journey, building our Brand Schneider Electric to live and deliver our commitments to Embrace Different.

Happy pride month to everyone! 🏳️‍🌈

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