Tips to be a finalist at Go Green in the City 2019

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Pedro Henrique Godoi Silva was global finalist of Go Green in the City 2018. Visionary and very curious, Pedro studied Mandarin at Tianjin University (China), where he was awarded with his Distinguished International Student title. He also studied subjects related to engineering, sustainability and foreign languages at Harbin Institute of Technology (China). Back in Brazil, he paused his Civil Engineering major and embraced the studies in International Business.

In this blog Pedro is sharing his tips to become a finalist at Go Green in the City 2019.

Tips to be a finalist at Go Green in the City 2019


So you have a great idea and want to show it to the world?

You just found out that Go Green in the City 2019 entries are open and want to know how to win your trip to Barcelona this year?




You are in the right place!

My name’s Pedro Godoi and I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of one of the Go Green in the City finalist teams last year. I feel very happy to be able to help you some with tips to develop your projects, so… let’s go!

Tell me, what is Go Green in the City?

Imagine there is a company, that cares so much about sustainability, that it promotes global a competition to listen from the youth their ideas that can change the world. And it offers an international trip for some of these young people to perform at a mega-event. One of the ten teams, that came from all continents, is chosen to be the winner and has its great idea implemented!


Rivaldo and Sophie also took part of the Go Green in the City 2018 global finals


A company that pays you an international trip just to listen your idea might even sounds like fake news, but it’s TRUE! This company is Schneider Electric and the competition is Go Green in the City!

The final prize is just the icing on the cake. During the time you are participating in the competition, learning, mentoring, networking and new friendships will transform you into a better person for the rest of your life! Schneider Electric also offers interviews for internship programs and other benefits! Click this link to get more information, and don’t miss the opportunity to sign up now!

How’s it going to be on the road to Barcelona?

The road to make your team be one of the ten finalists is not going to be easy but, just like me, you can also get there!

First, you will need to register on the Go Green’s page. Then find someone who supports your idea and build up a team. You must send PowerPoint slides with information about your project and your team members by May 25th 2019.

If your idea is innovative, feasible, presents quality and sustainable impact, there is a good chance your team will be called to the regional semi-finals!

Each semi-finalist will be mentored by a Schneider Electric expert. Believe me, this is something priceless! It will be eight weeks of learning and growth! The mentoring will open your mind to many possibilities that were not so clear before. Being in touch with someone from within the company is going to generate precious insights to go well in the semi-finals.

The 10 global finalists teams are going to be announced on 27 August. And if you are part of one of them, it’s time to celebrate: you’ll represent your continent in the grand finale in Barcelona!

Top 5 tips from a global finalist

Attending the 2018 Grand Final in Atlanta (USA) was an unforgettable experience. I hope you that are reading this article also have a similar experience in Spain. Because of it, I’ve separated five tips that will help you on your journey!

1st – Try to solve something you believe it’s important

To register you’ll need to have an idea that fits into one of four the competition’s categories: Sustainable, Connected, Future or Digital.

This idea should be a solution to some problem that is related to any of the categories mentioned above. This solution can be an innovative product, a more efficient process, a business project, in short, anything your imagination can conceive.

In case you still haven’t got a great idea, don’t worry! If you focus on something you like, and believe from the deep of your heart that it’s important, it will not be long until you find an interesting idea.

Choose a problem that affects you or you know a lot about. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to give the right answers. Imagine that you have all the power and resource of the universe in your favor. What would you do to solve the problem you have chosen? Write whatever comes up to your mind on a paper. Gradually you will realize that this creative process was not as difficult as you imagined…

Focus on scalable solutions that can help the most people. If you have that in mind, your chances are great!

This is me showing my idea’s prototype in the finals. It is important to demonstrate that you really care about what you are developing.

2nd – Believe in yourself and in your idea

If the values attached to the idea you proposed are in tune with your set of personal values, it is going to be much easier the development of your project.

Believe that you will be the champion! Say it every day to yourself: “I’m going to be the winner of Go Green in the City because I want to and because I deserve it!”. It may sounds like a Tony Robins speech, but your mindset influences everything in your life. And mantras are very effective tools for building the mindset you desire.

Anyway, with mantra, or without mantra, believe in yourself and believe in your idea!

A winner’s mindset led me to the grand finale event. You can also do that!

3rd – Be open minded

“Okay, I already have my idea more than innovative, but … is it going to work?” It’s completely normal to ask this kind of question. The bolder your idea, the more likely it is to feel you “went too far” when you wrote it.

The best way to answer this question is to seek out people’s opinions about your project. If you show full confidence about what you are talking about, people will listen to you more carefully and give you better feedback.

Talk to people who are part of the target audience of your solution. Do not limit yourself to friends and family; get out of your comfort zone and try to consult with as many people as you can.

Listen to the others opinions and assimilate everything that is positive for your project. So do not close yourself in your private world, be open to listening to what others think about your solution.

Finalists networking with the judges. In this environment, learning is constant.

4th – “Done is better than perfect”

This sentence is very important to me. I’ve always gave to it the credits for all my accomplishments during the Go Green in the City 2018. Let me explain why.

When I registered in Go Green in the City, I was on my 9th semester of civil engineering and literally “up to my neck” with home works, tests, projects, and final papers. There was so much to do, that I was sure I was going to be wasting my time finishing my team registration and sending my idea. I was certain that I would not have time to do even half of what I had planned.

One unique thing about Go Green in the City is its staff.  Schneider Electric cares about every detail, and with each participant. Even with those who did not send their idea weeks before the deadline (which was my case).

Mayara Viana was in charge of communicating with the participants via e-mail. She always sent me messages to warn me that the deadline was running out and my team has not send the project yet. I was very moved by her interest in our participation, but it didn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t have time to develop my idea. It was then that I decided to send her an email, apologizing and explaining that I would not continue in the competition because I hadn’t enough time.

Her answer changed my life forever: “Done is better than perfect!”.

That phrase was the last straw. Suddenly, I realized that it made perfect sense. My partner Josiane Santos and I managed to develop and send our project. We were selected for the regional semi-finals, and guess who was the event’s host?… Yes, Mayara! And the best part is that the team she encouraged not to give up was the same team she announced as the winner that day.

We haven’t done it perfect, but we did it. That’s the important part: Just do it!

5th – Study, practice, and practice a little more

The project we presented in Atlanta is called “Recyclin”. It is the recycling’s social network and marketplace. When I thought about it, I already knew some stuff about recycling. Studying further the subject, I came across a universe of new concepts and dynamics.

If you want to develop a project that is really good, you need to do a lot of research on the area it is related. Read articles and talk to people involved with the problem you are solving.

If you become a semi-finalist, practice your presentation’s script every day. Do not try to memorize it! Be familiar with explaining your idea as simply and smoothly as possible. Practice several times a day; in the shower, walking, in front of the mirror … Make it until it be something totally natural.

If, fortunately, your team is one of the finalists, review the entire project. Improve all that is possible without losing the essence of the original idea. And practice. Practice a lot! At first it is difficult, but then it is going to feel easier.

Thanks to their dedication, young people from around the world gathered in Atlanta last year. It was definitely worth each minute of study and practice!

Barcelona waits for you!

I hope my tips can help you do your best on this amazing opportunity! If you have not yet registered, do not hesitate and click here to sign up now at Go Green in the City and embrace the chance to change your life and the life of many with your innovative idea! You can become Go Green in the City finalist too!

A warm hug!

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