Celebrating the Catalyst Award 2019

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Schneider Electric is committed to providing equal opportunities to everyone, everywhere and ensure an environment of empowerment for all, through workplace inclusion. We make sure that all our employees feel equally valued and contribute their best to create a better tomorrow. For Schneider Electric’s efforts in Diversity and Inclusion, we have recently become the proud recipients of the 2019 Catalyst Award. It reiterates our bold and forward-thinking initiatives to create an inclusive workplace where women can contribute to their potential.

Catalyst is a global non-profit organisation that aims to build workplaces that work for women. With the moto- progress for women is progress for everyone, the organisation helps to remove barriers and encourage a workplace environment that will accelerate and advance women into leadership. After a thorough examination of initiatives, Catalyst carried out intensive onsite evaluations at selected organisations before announcing its winners. It recognises organisations with proven, measurable results that benefit women across a range of dimensions such as race or ethnicity, gender, disability, gender identity and many more.

Inclusive. Flexible. Empowering. These are the core values that are strongly imbibed in the work culture of Schneider Electric India. We continue to be recognised for our actions to become a more gender-inclusive company. We strongly advocate diversity and inclusion as our core values to promote gender balance. At Schneider Electric, diversity and inclusion are business imperatives that help our employees to be more creative, innovative and performance-oriented.

With an intention to integrate diversity of all forms within the work culture of Schneider Electric India, we make sure that gender balance and accelerating women in leadership are the top priorities in our company. We follow a holistic approach to ensure gender equality in our company.

This comprises:

  • Robust recruiting and retention programmes. From targeted campus hiring to outside sector recruitment, we ensure to recruit people across the various dimensions of diversity, including disability and LGBTI.
  • Our persistent efforts to re-engage women after a career breakthrough; programmes such as Her Second Innings has immensely helped women to resume their professional career efficiently after a break.
  • Men’s engagement and inclusion in every programme to ensure a healthy and gender-balanced working environment at Schneider Electric.
  • Flexible work arrangements for all. At Schneider Electric, we provide the opportunity to our employees to work remotely for extended periods and ensure complete support of their managers and colleagues when they’re not in good health. Moreover, we provide paternity leave to our employees when needed.
  • We honour path-breaking women entrepreneurs in India with Prerna Awards. This award was instituted in 2015 and recognises small scale women entrepreneurs who have either worked for the upliftment of other women by employment generation or skill building or worked in the field of energy management or positioned themselves firmly in a male-dominated sector.
  • Our Global Family Leave Policy provides fully paid parental, care and bereavement leave across all countries.
  • Focussed leadership development Programme designed for mid-career women identified as ‘solid potentials’ to harness their leadership skills.
  • Unconscious bias training for people managers across all levels to leverage differences at work and get different perspectives.

By following this holistic approach, Schneider Electric India saw a significant change in the work culture from 2015 to 2018. Schneider Electric India’s recognition will serve as an example for the global companies to embrace diversity and inclusion within their workplaces, to provide equal opportunities to every employee while creating a work environment of safety and professional development at all levels. And that’s how we ensure that ‘Life Is On’ everywhere, at every moment and for everyone at Schneider Electric.

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