Schneider Electric Celebrates #NationalInternDay!

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Today is #NationalInternDay, and we want to celebrate and recognize some of our wonderful Schneider Electric interns!  Check out our SE_Careers twitter and our Instagram throughout the day to see even more photos & stories.

We asked our interns to share a bit about their experiences and memories as an intern at SE.  Be sure to celebrate the great interns in your company today, and every day!  Feel free to add a comment sharing your own internship experience.

“Schneider Electric gave me a chance to delve into technical management and I managed two projects with my mentor. I contributed to a product used by several clients and worked on the feature from start to finish. I was also named the Intern Ambassador for my location where I organized a networking event for all the interns to meet the managers in their building. I’ve learned a lot from the lovely people here and enjoyed my summer immensely!”

Juhi Bhatnagar
Program Manager Intern

“My internship with Schneider Electric allowed me to apply and grow the tools I had learned in a University setting while surrounding myself in an amazing work environment. The level of professional performance displayed by such laid-back and friendly people made coming into work something I looked forward to. When I was lucky enough to be offered multiple positions by Schneider Electric there was no question where I wanted to start my career.”

 Clay Douglas
Sales Development Program

“Interning with Schneider challenged me to put what I had learned in the classroom to use, gave me the freedom to be creative and improve current processes, and provided me with the opportunities to grow in my career by working with highly qualified and experienced employees in my field of interest.  I’m very thankful for the opportunities that Schneider has offered me as an intern and now full time employee!”

Johan Pennerat
Business Analyst, Data Analytics

“As an intern, I immediately felt a part of the team and a key member contributing to meaningful work. Now as a full time employee, I feel no difference. I have had the opportunity to relocate, meet even more #SEGreatPeople, and each day I’m continuously learning something new, being challenged and developing professionally and personally. Accepting my internship offer almost 2 years ago was the best decision I have done for my career and I can’t wait to continue it with SE.”

Konnor Smith
Human Resources Coordinator

“I started as an intern on the CCC (Customer Care Center) reporting to Richard Gasbarro who has remained a mentor and role model to me—he helped me get the full-time position at Schneider upon completing my summer internship and has both advocated for me and given me some of the most helpful advice in navigating a successful career here.

My piece of advice would be to ask a lot of questions and get to learn about the people that you’re working with and working for because you never know how that person (or those people) will someday influence your future. During my time as an intern I was involved in a group project along with a few other interns from other departments and most of us are still at the company to this day and have remained close. Regardless of what you’re working on and who it’s with, take things seriously as your attitude and relationships you build now are a foundation of your brand. Make sure you’re building a strong brand and you will go far!

– Hayley Bezubka
CCC Sales Supervisor

“Along with my fellow interns at the Costa Mesa Facility, I was able to participate in a conversation with experienced office mates about what makes SE great during an intern-hosted potluck & book swap. One of the points that came up again and again was having great teammates and managers. This is actually one of the reasons why I chose this internship over other offers, and it’s also one of the primary reasons why I’m glad I did.

When I interviewed with my manager, I was impressed by how much he emphasized investing in employees and ensuring that I could achieve my objectives through the internship. Once I started, I realized that the rest of my team is the same: everyone is supportive of one another’s goals and takes time to help in any way they can. I found the same thing again when working with my fellow interns, who are always happy to collaborate and share their knowledge. Not only does this make coming to work every day enjoyable, it accelerates learning and makes for a truly impactful career experience. My advice to anyone looking for an internship is to seek this kind of growth-oriented environment – and keep in mind that SE is one place you’re likely to find it!”

Emma Van Fossen
Energy Engineering Intern

“I started as an intern back in January 2016 and have been with the company ever since. Schneider Electric offers so many opportunities for their interns. My favorite part of my internship was not only the projects, but getting the opportunity to join multiple groups such as Community Impact and Relay for Life. I also enjoyed organizing a networking event for interns within the office and meeting new people every day. While building my network of best friends and work colleagues, I was able to land a full-time opportunity where I come into work and learn and grow every day. If you would like to learn more about SE’s great internship program or the roles available, visit our website.”

Tonya McCann
University Recruiter

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