Creating and Sustaining a High-Performing Team: An HRSS Teambuilding Event

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Written by Guest Blogger, Mariana C. Gonzalez

On Saturday April 7th, I attended a Human Resources Shared Services (HRSS) teambuilding event at the Holiday Inn Parque Fundidora, in Monterrey, NL Mexico. Located within the city’s iconic Fundidora Park at the very heart of Monterrey, this hotel was the ideal venue for the HRSS group’s outdoor and indoor teambuilding activities. The activities were coordinated and overseen by Re-Inventa, a local vendor that offers a wide range of training services for both teams and individual professionals.

Schneider Electric employees from the HRSS payroll, benefits, compensation, digital services, and PeopleLink teams attended this one-day event with the purpose of further cultivating their collaborative and communication skills.  We started out with ice-breakers and outlining the goals for the day’s activities. We then went outside to the park to engage in the teambuilding activities led by the Re-Inventa facilitators, while enjoying the beautiful, sunny morning. After each activity, the facilitator encouraged us to reflect on and share how we felt as well as how the experiences from each activity applied to on-the-job team scenarios. The energy was great throughout the event, and I was able to host a Snapchat takeover to share my experience in real-time!

At Schneider Electric, a key component of our high-performance culture and philosophy involves driving greater team collaboration, which constituted the foundational mindset for this event in alignment with our SCOPE company values: Straightforward, Challenge, Open, Passionate, and Effective. Moreover, customer-centricity was positioned at the forefront of these teambuilding efforts, as well as the commitment from our leadership teams to support individual talent and development.

“The teambuilding event held for the HRSS team was an awesome experience, definitely a great way to get all of the team together. I loved seeing colleagues we usually only interact with virtually and getting to know a little more about them. My team’s comments have been extremely positive and we are all looking forward to more events like this that foster collaboration and deliver a message of unity.”

– Alma Segovia, HRSS Peoplelink Supervisor

To wrap up the morning’s outdoor teambuilding activities, we were tasked to share with the group the main take-aways we derived from them as well as voice a single personal commitment that each team member was willing to make to continue moving in the direction of creating and sustaining a high-performing, customer-centric HR Shared Services organization. The input ranged widely, from listening more empathetically and developing greater emotional intelligence to accepting mistakes as part of the learning process and cultivating leadership skills.

“I want to thank all HRSS team members for their active and enthusiastic participation. It was a fantastic event where we discovered our teamwork and individual capabilities. We were challenged; we experienced discomfort and frustration, but we learned from that and got the satisfaction of learning. Clear and direct communication, trust in our own capabilities and in those of our colleagues, situational leadership—I consider those our main gains.”

– Guillermo Solís, Sr. Manager Payroll & Benefits Mexico

Overall, my impression was that sharing our thoughts in this manner harnessed the group’s energy towards our common goal of delivering an excellent employee experience and sustaining a win-win environment that benefits both Schneider Electric as a company and individual Schneider Electric employees. My sense is that events such as these are helpful in creating better teams and support the essential aspects of high-performing groups. Thank you very much to the organizers for putting this together!

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About the Author

Mariana C. Gonzalez joined Schneider Electric in 2011. She is a Relocation Counselor and part of the North America HR Shared Services Organization. Since 2011, Mariana has overseen hundreds of relocations, which have included intra-US and intra-Canada moves, as well as international relocations between the US and Canada; and from Mexico, China, India, Europe, and the Middle East to the US or Canada. Since October 2017, her scope has been exclusively domestic intra-US and intra-Canada relocations. She is a vegan primarily for moral reasons and secondly for environmental reasons. In her free time, Mariana enjoys writing, making art, and engaging in creative, abolitionist vegan advocacy.

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