Women in Energy and Sustainability at Schneider Electric

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This blog has been adapted from a recent article in Where Women Work

A recent article by Schneider Electric’s International Marketing Manager, Lucie Frideling, has highlighted the experience of being a woman working in the energy and sustainability industry.

Profiling two Schneider Electric employees, Lucie’s article claimed that despite some historical challenges, opportunities and momentum in energy and sustainability are building, and more and more women getting involved. She states that there is in fact a positive trend for women in leadership roles in this area, with 42% of Chief Sustainability Officer positions now held by women. This is more than double the amount of the previous two years.

Making waves at Schneider Electric

Erin Decker and Nisa Bradley both work in the fast-moving, ever-evolving field of energy and sustainability. In her interview, Lucie Frideling asked what drew them to the industry.

Women in Energy and Sustainability at Schneider Electric

“I was really drawn to two things: First the ‘Double bottom line’, in other words, to have a career focussed on making companies more successful, but also on doing the right thing for society. Plus this industry is changing all the time, and it’s complex, which means there is always something to learn and new strategic horizons to explore,” said Nisa Bradley, Vice President of Marketing and Software Product Management at Schneider Electric’s Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) Business.

Erin Decker, who works as the Senior Director of Strategic Renewables gave Lucie a similar response stating “This industry offers a rare opportunity to have both a successful career while also creating positive change for the environment. Since it is still an emerging field, working in renewable energy also allows us the chance to shape the way the industry develops. It’s dynamic, exciting and constantly changing.”

Careers in a fast growing industry

So what sort of advice would Nisa and Erin give to young women considering a career in the Energy and Sustainability industry?

Nisa believes asking lots of questions would be her top tip, explaining “Over time, your knowledge will become a tremendous asset, but you will only stay current in this changing field if inquisitiveness is a core trait.”

Erin on the other hand, advises those with an interest in the field to arm themselves with technical knowledge, even if the role itself is not directly technical itself. She also believes that you should be prepared to work in an industry with constant evolution, ups and downs, policy dependent decisions and a workplace that will likely be male-dominated. However, she does explain that it is these very attributes that make the industry such an exciting place to work adding “this can make a job really exciting with growth opportunities, so don’t be scared away by this, embrace it!”

Erin also emphasised the importance of increasing the number of women in the energy and sustainability industry explaining that women can strengthen teams and improve business practices in the field.

“The energy industry is a growing one. In order to attract the best talent, there must be opportunities for women to succeed. For women already in the industry, if there are not sufficient opportunities to grow and advance, energy risks losing valuable talent to brain drain – when women leave for other industries that will allow for career development.”

Bold moves for bold careers

Working at prime employer for women Schneider Electric, Erin and Nisa are paving the way for change. Hear more views from women at this innovative company via these articles. You can also take a look at current opportunities and see if the Schneider Electric has the right role for you.

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