The Energy Generation: A Disruptive Approach to Disruptive Solutions

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Energy GenerationWritten by the Schneider Electric Northern Europe Team

At #SchneiderElectric, we strive to change the world through innovation at every level, and in order to achieve this we know it’s essential to take our people seriously. There are many actions that substantiate this statement, the most recent being our #GlobalFamilyLeavePolicy that ensures all employees in all countries have a fundamental access to paid leave, enabling us to take care of our families in vulnerable moments. Schneider Electric appreciates what makes you you — your talent within talent. We’re a dynamic, global company looking for passionate people to help us innovate at every level; champions of safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and connected energy for everyone.

This year, the seven countries in the Nordics and Baltics came together to create an onboarding program for recent graduates. The goal was to take a new approach to how IoT affects our business by merging up-to-date academic knowledge and digital natives into a business in the middle of a technological revolution, to create a new generation of sales engineers.

“I expect to be introduced to the products and solutions that Schneider Electric provides to the market. Furthermore to gain knowledge around the B2B sales process and getting a variety of tools to use to convince the influents within a project to choose to go with Schneider’s offers.”

– Anders Christensen, Specifier Sales Specialist

We took on 17 highly technical recent engineering graduates with a very healthy gender balance. They will all embark on a 10-month journey in the Schneider Electric universe, preparing them to bring a more holistic approach to new projects as well as knitting the region closer together. The program started with a three-month education scheme at our Northern Europe HQ in Copenhagen, taking our new colleagues through Schneider Electric products, solutions and principles of business.

“I’m not assigned to any specific task right now unless project “Buzz” which mean to promote and tell “outside the SE world” about opportunities a employee can get at the company and of course delivering the message about Energy generation program.”

– Hanna Belavus, Sales Specifier Engineer

They will visit with our state of the art R&D facilities, receive training from several of Schneider Electric’s experts, and build a collaborative network that unites the region’s cultures, disciplines and best practices.

Energy Generation

After passing the initial 3-month stage, they will return to their respective countries to start their on-the-job training, followed by more visits to Copenhagen to align and exchange experiences. By the summer of 2018 we expect them to have the foundation needed to truly start their career journey, driving change through digitalization of energy management and automation solutions, as trusted advisors to prescribers of large projects.

Bringing this program together took a massive effort, and over 70 Schneider Electric employees from HR, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Learning Solution as well as Business managers and professionals have invested their stakes and collaborated in creating the Energy Generation program. We are quite proud of our new colleagues, and if you want to see what they are up to, check out the tag #EnergyGeneration2017 on LinkedIn.

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