Schneider Electric Inspires New Generation of Women Engineers

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This blog has been adapted from a recent article in Where Women Work

Engineers who work for Schneider Electric make sure that Life is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. Women Engineers roles at this global energy company are inventing technologies that will transform places where we live, work, and play.

Schneider Electric is looking to the next generation of science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) professionals to ensure it stays ahead of the game. The company develops many innovative technologies and products that are certainly focused on the future. The internet of things is a current focus, as well as fantastic projects in renewable and sustainable energy.

But the number of young women entering engineering roles is still a concern. Business leaders are well aware that a more diverse workforce will help maximize innovation, creativity and competitiveness. Schneider Electric understands that to increase the representation of women in STEM roles they need to inspire and engage a new generation of talent via events like the Big Bang South East.

The type of skillsets required for the future engineering workplace are continually progressing, so the education and training of tomorrow’s engineers is a very real issue that needs to be addressed. Tomorrow’s Engineers information cites that 186,000 people with engineering skills will be needed annually through to 2024 in the UK.

School reachout programmes are key

Amber Watkin, Application Engineer at Eurotherm by Schneider Electric and STEM Coordinator stated that “A few years ago we noticed a decrease in the number of applicants for engineering roles and recognized the need to encourage more young people into engineering careers. We now have a team of around 15 STEM ambassadors who take part in local activities like science fairs, school projects and career events.”

Schneider Electric’s Eurotherm also offers one-week placements to school aged girls so they receive hands on practice and can learn about career paths.

As an Application Marketing Engineer at Schneider Electric, Amber’s role is to promote various products and specialised applications to different types of customer.

It is her work to visit global customers to find out how they’re using Schneider Electric’s technology and what the future challenges are in their region. She also needs to attend industry-related exhibitions and conferences to keep up with new technology, and report back to the relevant product and business development managers for an “Ideas Funnel”. “It’s a varied and interesting role with many new opportunities and challenges around every corner,” says Amber.

Engineering career options are varied says Schneider Electric’s Penny Parker

Working as an Account Manager at Schneider Electric, Penny Parker is testament that there are a wide variety of options within a Women Engineers’ career.

“Do not feel that engineering is a heavy industry. There are so many interesting and diverse roles. R&D, programming, hands on commissioning, project management; after sales support, marketing, graphic design and promotional material development and ideas are all options at Schneider Electric.” she says.

Penny teaches Eurotherm how to use, maintain and customise several of the products and systems they purchase. It’s a role she has progressed into due to the support from her peers and mentors and by experience and self-learning.

An engineering career that could shape the future

Erin Decker, who works as the Senior Director of Strategic Renewables at Schneider Electric suggests young women should consider an engineering career within the specialist area of energy and sustainability.

“This industry offers a rare opportunity to have both a successful career while also creating positive change for the environment. Since it is still an emerging field, working in renewable energy allows us to shape the way the industry develops. It’s dynamic, exciting and constantly changing.”

Discovering new opportunities in the world

So why not explore the wide range of engineering roles at Schneider Electric and get excited about having such a great career in this progressive and globally reaching industry. Or hear from more women engineers at this innovative company.

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  • Ritu Aggarwal

    6 years ago

    This ritu aggarwal . I am 2016 electrical graduate I have been trying to work
    with Schneider electric from last 8 months but never got I single chance.

    • Employee Voices

      6 years ago

      Hi Ritu, thank you for reaching out and for your interest. I encourage you to continue to look and apply for roles where your level of experience aligns with what is listed in the role description. We are adding new job postings each day, and I hope that there is a position that is a fit for you and for us. Best of luck in your career search!

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