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Celebrating our Veterans

Written by Guest Blogger, Slater Waltz, Military Outreach Program Manager

Independence Day is celebrated in the United States annually in July. Although the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2nd, we acknowledge that July 4th, 1776 is the date that this document was approved and the birth of the United States of America occurred.

Traditionally this day is celebrated with family BBQs, fireworks and parades as Americans celebrate the birth of their country.  For many veterans, this holiday is a day to come together and show our pride, remember our sacrifices and celebrate our service to this great nation.

Recognizing the value that veterans bring to the workplace through their work ethic, leadership skills and integrity, Schneider Electric launched its military outreach program last year. We are dedicated to building a culture in our US operations that embraces and empowers veterans, and in turn, is enriched by their experience, perspective, and capabilities.

 We value difference, knowing how diversity strengthens us, and helps  better serve our customers. Our fair-ethics hiring standards not only define how we recruit our workforce, but they also define how we treat employees once they join the Schneider Electric family. We cultivate the diversity which comprises us, maintaining a culture that relies on our employees being genuine and different from one another.

Schneider Electric recognizes the skills and traits that we are looking for already exist within our veteran community. We value these attributes in our employees, and  have dedicated resources to assist in communicating these unique skills to our hiring managers, human resources and recruiters.

As you take time to celebrate the birth of our country this weekend, remember the veterans that helped keep this country free and secure over the past centuries. As they shed their military uniform, they are looking to continue in a meaningful career in the civilian world.

If you are a veteran interested in learning more about a career with Schneider Electric, visit our military careers page to learn more information.

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