It’s All About Time – Answering the Nagging Questions at the Beginning of Your Career

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Written by Guest Blogger Samantha Burmeister

“It’s about time that the pieces fall together, right?”

Career OpportunityWhen I was in college I assumed that a person gets their first job after college and their path is pretty much set. It wasn’t until I actually started my career that I realized that wasn’t the way the world worked.

In each stage of my life, I was fortunate to be told that I could go anywhere. After a year of working for Schneider Electric, I’m happy to say that is still true. I can go anywhere!

“It’s about time you decide what you want to do with your career.”

I remember the scramble to get a job all too well. My fellow students and I hustled to look the part, perfect our resumes, and attended every career fair and guest speaker our school offered. Finding a job became a job itself during senior year.

Of course, we had internships and other experience to guide us, but we also felt the need to find something to fit our ultimate goals. One by one, we each landed our first jobs that would hopefully launch our careers. As I took my first steps with Schneider Electric, I asked myself, “Now what? I’ve gotten myself this far, what are my next steps?”

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I consider myself fortunate that my role at Schneider Electric isn’t a landing pad, but rather a launching pad. The comfort that I have here in this company is a unique part of our company culture at large. From the organizations I’m involved with like our Emerging Professionals Network, and Sustainable you, to the sales team I’m a part of, the organization is full of motivated individuals. Those who seek personal improvement to better our mutual environment and customer experience.

My work environment continually gives me confidence that I will succeed at whatever I put my mind to.

“It’s about time you wrapped your mind around your professional identity.”

What are my plans separate from outside expectations? Even amid the whirlwind of first jobs, failed interviews, successful interviews, second jobs, extracurricular activities, learning opportunities, work travel, new software, and ever changing resources, I’m realizing that each little piece of the puzzle continues to come together.

But despite all that, it really boils down to time. If the average life expectancy is 80 years, that means we each get less than 30,000 days. And by the age of 25, I only have about 20,000 left. In both my professional and personal lives, there are many milestones left to reach. There are promotions to be earned, friends to be made, and mysteries to uncover in the coming years. It’s about time that we all take advantage of each day and every opportunity.

“It’s about time you start planning your future.”

Well I have a plan. It used to look a little different. And tomorrow it could change again. It used to be to get a job – any job – and perform to the best of my ability. Now I see how the path I’ve begun can change, and with the myriad opportunities offered by Schneider Electric, it’s all up to me.

We’re a company of over 170,000 employees. That means there are at least 170,001 different ways a career can wind up.

The pieces of my puzzle are starting to come together. And it’s about time.

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