We Stand For Equal Pay at Schneider Electric

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Written by Guest Blogger, Jenna Roland

In the U.S., women earn about 76 cents per dollar earned by men on average. But the causes of the gender pay gap are a bit more complicated. Here at Schneider Electric, we commit to doing our part to close the gender pay gap. As a result, we have pledged our commitment to equal pay for equal work and experience on Glassdoor.

We Stand for Equal PayPay equality is an important issue for all of us, and by taking the pay equality pledge, we are formally telling our employees, candidates and the world that we are committed to equitable pay practices. The more companies stand up for equal pay, the closer we get to closing the pay gap and making salary equity a reality for all.

At Schneider Electric, diversity is an integral part of our history, culture, and identity. Inclusion is the way we treat and perceive all differences. We want to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real value for the company. Knowing how diversity strengthens us, we can better serve our customers.


In March 2015, the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) recognized Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric. WEPs is a joint initiative of U.N. Women and the U.N. Global Compact. WEPs awarded Mr. Tricoire the CEO Leadership Award in the Business Case for Action category due to the company’s “Diversity and Inclusion” policy. Schneider Electric is a U.N. HeForShe IMPACT 10X10X10 Champion. This designation signifies Schneider Electric as one of 10 corporate champions for the United Nations’ HeForShe global solidarity movement.

“Gender equality is and will be on my personal agenda,” Jean-Pascal Tricoire said.  “It is my commitment as CEO to engage leaders and employees across our organization to take action for diversity and inclusion.”


Our fair-ethics hiring standards not only define how we recruit our workforce, but they also define how we treat employees once aboard. In fact, announced in March 2017, Ethisphere® Institute named Schneider Electric among the World’s Most Ethical Companies® the for the seventh consecutive year.


“Our diversity and inclusion strategy places key issues such as gender equality at the top of our agenda, making diversity a key business strategy – not a human resources focus,” said Annette Clayton, President and CEO, North America Operations and Chief Supply Chain Officer. “We will continue to accelerate our efforts along the path to gender parity in the workplace by working in partnership with initiatives like the U.N. HeForShe program and living the values set forth in the Women’s Empowerment Principles from U.N. Women and the U.N. Global Compact.”

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We Stand for Equal Pay

Today, on Equal Pay Day, April 4, we stand alongside more than 3,000 organizations that have taken the Equal Pay Pledge on Glassdoor. Join us in this important conversation and share that you #StandForEqualPay alongside us.


Jenna Roland is an Employer Branding Specialist for Schneider Electric in North America. A graduate of TCU’s Neeley School of Business with a degree in Marketing, Jenna started with Schneider Electric nearly ten years ago.  Jenna is passionate about building Schneider Electric brand awareness and strengthening the organization’s reputation as a great place to work. As a working mom to two young boys, Jenna is a strong advocate for well-being and work-life balance. Jenna is an avid sports fan, and enjoys baking, running, and yoga.    

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  • Is Schneider Electric going to be releasing their stats on their in house pay gap? Seems like the first step towards showing this commitment.

    • We appreciate the feedback and strong support for gender equity and equal pay from our employees. It is encouraging to see the collective commitment to this topic from men and women. Speaking with Roxana Svensson, North America Director of Diversity & Inclusion, she shared that this year our goal in North America is for 95% parity for 100% of employees to be covered by an equity plan and we are on track to achieve this. And we will continue to measure our progress and support all markets towards achieving equal pay for equal work. Within Schneider Electric, we continue to review compensation for every employee at every level and we encourage employees to talk to their manager or HRBP with any questions or concerns.

  • For an explanation on how the $.76 or $.77 is calculated, Please check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcDrE5YvqTs&t=43s

    • The topic of gender pay equity is certainly one that strikes a lot of conversation, but it is a conversation which brings about transparency. Yes, when you take control variables like age, education, experience, occupation, industry, location, year, specific company, personal choice, and job title the adjusted gender pay gap shrinks to 5.4%, which is still notable and still a gap. We asked Tina Mylon, Senior Vice President of Talent & Diversity, to comment on this and here is her response, “Pay equity is a top priority for SE as reflected in our global commitments as a HeForShe Impact Champion and in our Planet and Society Barometer. We want to be recognized as a diverse and inclusive company where everyone has equal opportunities and fair treatment.” While size of the gap may have several variables to consider, at Schneider Electric we are committed to eliminating the gender pay gap, regardless of its size.

  • Brian Gregg

    7 years ago

    This seems so fundamental to me. As JPT asks, “Why would we deny ourselves access to half of the talent pool?”, I ask ,”Why would we not incentivize that pool the same as the other half?” Talent does not have a gender, nor does productivity, creativity and attitude.

  • I would like to know if there will be an increase in wages since Walmart rose their wages to $11.00 dollars an hour.

    • Employee Voices

      6 years ago

      As a company We are working to eliminate the gender pay gap for all of our employees, and when unfair disparities are discovered, they are rectified using funds from a dedicated budget. Schneider Electric is expanding this proven process to our offices around the world to ensure equal pay for everyone.

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