Mobility and Opportunity have Meaning at Schneider Electric

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Written by Guest Blogger, Cassie Crossley

During my first year working at Schneider Electric, it was normal to see a lot of change. I saw organizational announcements each week that someone had taken a new role. It wasn’t long before people I knew were taking new and challenging roles within the company. When the time came for my own personal development planning, it surprised me how open the conversation was. I was able to speak with my manager about mobility, my desires, and what I needed to continue growing.

During my second year, I mentioned that changing groups to either Information Technology or another R&D organization interested me. My manager encouraged me to talk with H.R. and meet other leaders to see what opportunities were available. A few months later, I joined the I.T. team. It was easy to transition my previous team to a new leader and I was available as a resource since I was still with the company.

Since that change, I have been in two leadership roles within the I.T. organization. The first was at the regional level, and now I’m in a global position. Although I live in California, there was no concern taking these roles since I was happy with occasional travel to be present with my teams. The regional initiative was actually a global Enterprise Resource Planning upgrade where I spent many weeks in India, Ireland, and Rhode Island. Currently I have teams in India, France, and the eastern U.S.

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The mindset my leaders and I have for our teams continues to be one of mobility and opportunity. The future achievements of my team start with the actions I take every day, by giving them opportunities, encouraging them to expand their knowledge, and connecting them with others in what is now a company of 170,000 engaged employees.

I encourage anyone inside or outside the organization to meet people from Schneider Electric. To learn what we are about. To apply for positions that you find engaging. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you one day.

Cassie Crossley, Director at Schneider Electric, has 30 years of business and technical leadership experience in the fields of project management, services, software, hardware, IT, and data management.  Ms. Crossley has a Bachelors of Science degree in Technical and Professional Communication with a specialization in Computer Science.  She also has her Six Sigma Black Belt (business process optimization) certification, her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and her M.B.A. from California State University, Fresno. In her free time, she hosts the “Tech Leaders Today” podcast where she interviews technology executives about technology people attraction/retention and a technology area.

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  • Been with Schneider for 12 years now. It’s a great organisation to work for as it offers unlimited opportunities to grow, travel & encourages its people to make a good life for them selves. Different nationalities are in abundance in the organization which speaks volumes of the vision of the people driving it.

    • Cassie Crossley

      7 years ago

      @Sunil – I completely agree! The diversity of cultures here is wonderful. The people I work with are very respectful and considerate of all nationalities. Thank you for your comments!

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