My Interview at Schneider Electric

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Written by Guest Blogger, Kyle Kretz

My journey at Schneider Electric started with an interview. But the real story starts before that. It was a cool autumn Monday at Miami University in Ohio. Wait, I hate Mondays, let’s say it was a Friday. Ok better start.

Looking for job opportunities on the school career website, I noticed a finance rotation program at a company called Schneider Electric. What is a Schneider Electric?  I had to do some research.

I read up and quickly became impressed. The locations, size, diversity, and employee experiences all added up to a good place to work. This was exactly the opportunity I was looking for.

I applied that day.

I got my slot for an introductory interview and a week later, that day had come. The interview was casual and relaxed. This company that I had previously never heard of had now moved to the top of my list. Schneider invited me to a full-day hiring event that would take place a few weeks later. 

After weeks of waiting, the big day finally arrived. And I mean BIG! They brought around 30 people in extremely bright green shirts. This is a color I would soon learn to love. There were all types of events on the itinerary, including a walk-through on touch screens explaining some of the products and services that Schneider Electric provides to its customers. These things were like futuristic ATM machines. I thought, “Google who?”

The day continued with a lunch and learn about company benefits. This was new to me as I had not heard other companies going through health benefits and 401k matching programs until you were officially employed. Needless to say, I was impressed.

All of these events and information had me feeling good about what this day could potentially mean for my future. But I still had one more thing to get through. The panel interview.

The Panel Interview

Since I had interest in both the Finance and Sales advanced placement programs, I had a full round table of interviewers. Two from the sales side, as well as two from finance.

Which side might want me more? Should I move my chair closer to them? Should I stay neutral? Is this an interrogation? Where was I last night? Questions like these were zipping through my head.Join our Talent Community

Calm down, Kyle. I took a sip of water and gathered myself. The interview started and I quickly realized I was panicked over nothing. The process was actually rather enjoyable.

I hinted that I was more interested in finance, even mentioning my desire to follow through on my degree. I might as well since I’ll be paying for it for a while.

As time went on, all I could think was that I really wanted this job. I knew that if I didn’t land the job at Schneider, I had a much less thrilling role in banking in my future. Quite frankly, I never liked Gordon Gekko.

A few weeks went by and then finally it arrived. The email I was waiting for.

I got the job! Just as I had hoped, it was a position in the finance program. Before too long, I accepted the offer. The only thing left to figure out was where would my Schneider journey begin? ? They could have placed me anywhere. As graduation approached, I turned on my phone one day and saw the news.

Nashville, Tennessee. The first chapter was about to begin.

Kyle Kretz is a 3rd year rotational analyst in the Finance Advanced Development Program at Schneider Electric. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I’ve been called twice for customer service representative. I have 6 years experience with said job. Unfortunately I still did not got the job. I’m an undergraduate. I hope you can consider people like us, I’m not applying for a high position. My years of being a customer service representative is my only ticket for a better job with your company. Anyways, I already given up being called again. I felt discriminated. Thanks for time reading this.

  • After relocation to the Nashville area the job market was tight in 2008. By 2013 the employer who had brought my life and family to the Nashville area changed gears and moved all the engineering back north to Detroit. We seriously considered moving, but the differences of life in Michigan vs Tennessee had us stay in Nashville. My background is Mechanical+Electrical design. Something I hope would interest Schneider Electric. Other co-workers from my previous employer did find Schneider a great company to work for. This article is a beacon of hope for those in Nashville.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comment. Schneider Electric is definitely committed to the Nashville area. As a matter of fact, we’re in the process of building a new facility a few miles down the road that should be bringing even more opportunities to the area. You can find more details about that project here.

      If you’re interested in finding current open positions that match your skills and experience, be sure to visit to see what’s available.

      Thanks again and best of luck!


    7 years ago

    kyle kretz, thats great I also go through and read up and became impressed about schneider electric there locations, size, diversity, and employee experiences all added up to a good place to work and This was exactly the opportunity I was looking for ,so i requested you to please consider this comment below.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to enquire whether you have any vacancies within your organization for sales and application Engineer.
    In my most recent role I working as Asst. Engineer (sales and application) at VSM Venture control Systems Pvt. Ltd. part of a team and demonstrated excellent standards of performance. I have worked in a variety of roles where I have been driven to produce high quality work. In addition to this, I feel that my skills would be beneficial to your organization. If presented with the opportunity, I would like to show you how I would make a significant contribution to your team.
    I would be grateful if you would contact me if you have any vacancies in your company, or keep my information on file in case of future openings. I would welcome hearing from you and am available at short notice.

    Yours faithfully
    Nitesh kumar Pandey

    • Kristen Larsen

      7 years ago

      Hi Nitesh,

      Thank you for your interest, and for reading our blog! Please kindly send a copy of your updated resume to

      The best way to apply for a job is to submit your resume and cover letter through our job postings on our careers website:

      In the ‘Search for a job with us’ and you can enter job type and/or location and all available roles will be displayed based on your criteria. I would encourage you to search regularly as we add new jobs across the globe on a daily basis.

      Best wishes,
      Schneider Electric Careers

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