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Back to Bauhaus – with Windows 8

So far when I think of Windows 8 as a possibility for control systems visualization, I think mainly of the International Style and its Euro roots in Bauhaus and the re-interpretation of that in the way in which Microsoft Windows 8 is designed.

So… Many interactive surfaces or UIs as they are now known are starting to converge using similar design principles to allow their convergence, not only as individual user experiences, but to allow those same users to shift between for example mobile phones, tablets, PC, video walls and allow the user to interact and re-design their experience to a certain level within a design principles framework.

In our own space, the design fault lines are evaporating rapidly between SCADA, SAFETY and CONTROL.

This in such a way that it won’t be too long before even this blog has to be renamed into something more convergent with Foxboro’s control product… Foxboro Evo

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