Startup Partnership: eVolution networks

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Increasing data center efficiency with eVolution networks

When we met the eVolution networks’ team in Tel Aviv, I instantly knew we were on to a winning startup partnership. Israel is home to approximately 7,000 high-tech companies and startups. This incredible ecosystem raised a total of $39 Billion during the last decade. $8.3 Billion in 2019 alone. It therefore comes as no surprise that we found the right partner for our data center dilemma there.


The number of data centers has been growing and thus the volume of server workloads rising. Therefore, the financial and environmental cost of providing power and cooling has become an increasing burden on data center facility managers. Data center computing grew five-fold between 2010 and 2018. However, thanks to energy efficiencies, their energy usage only grew 6% during that same period.

eVolution networks applies artificial intelligence to better manage data center workloads. More precisely, they proactively use IT/OT solutions to move computing to virtual machines and maximize the load of some servers while shutting down others. Their solution uses deep learning to determine capacity volume and relevant resources over time. It dynamically right-sizes energy consumption by putting redundant capacity to sleep. In doing so, they help data center facilities save energy and reduce their operational costs.

Building a joint offer for data center customers

Our startup partnership with eVolution networks has enabled us to optimize our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) with their analytics solution. So, our customers can now save data center power used by up to 40%.

We first tested their solution in our own facilities. Based on this success, we quickly developed a joint solution to be trialed on selected customers’ premises. The seamless installation process of the software helped convince facility managers, while the 40% efficiency gains made it easy to win the finance directors’ approvals.

eVolution networks is the dream partner for us. They have the technology and we have the go-to-market. They take customer feedback with tremendous agility, making the solution building process effortless.” Steven Brown, Head of Product Management, EcoStruxure IT Software, at Schneider Electric. dashboard showing data center facility live energy consumption

Entering a new go to market and gaining customers

This startup partnership is part of our Innovation at the Edge program. We scout the world for promising technology and partner with them to co-innovate and scale their solutions. In doing so, we create win-win partnerships. We are able to bring innovative technology and business models to our customers and provide startups with access to our extensive go to market.

Adam Amitai, CIO of eVolution networks points out the keys to our success: “We strongly believe in our product synergy. Schneider Electric has access to a vast pool of customers and we have the cutting edge AI solution. Our lasting relationship has started thanks to Schneider executives’ ability to truly understand and value our offering and expertise, like Jean-Luc Meyer. Together, I feel confident that we can achieve tremendous traction!

So, my gut feeling about the chemistry between Schneider and eVolution networks was right. It took us just a year from the day we first met to bringing their solution to market. In this short time, we built a shared vision of the value for customers and the business potential. This joint value proposition sets us apart from competition. It also provides an opportunity for eVolution networks to get a broader market access.

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