Podcast: The Adversity Quotient (AQ)

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Israeli start-ups

On this episode of Innovation at the Edge, host Emmanuel Lagarrigue, CIO of Schneider Electric is joined by Dov Moran and Lotan Levkowitz of Grove Ventures in Israel. To open the show, Emmanuel introduces Dov Moran reminding listeners of his inventions and businesses, including the flash drive. Israel has a high concentration of industry related to tech and start-ups. In the current pandemic, Israel’s venture capital investment is up more than 40 percent. Dov attributes this to innovation and opportunity that crisis creates, he shares that crises last longer than you expect, but encourages young entrepreneurs that they do end. The ability to face hurdles, crises, and problems is what he calls AQ, adversity quotient. In his own work, Dov explains he’s faced surprises and hurdles every five years where he was sure they would suffer, but he made it through.

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Entrepreneurship in new normal

Dov believes that while we haven’t seen many technological inventions during the pandemic so far, that in six months to a year, we will see many innovations. Inventors and entrepreneurs are staying at home and creating, he thinks deep tech inventions are being made now. For Grove Ventures, and many Israeli entrepreneurs, they used to travel a lot to get to their customers, but the pandemic has leveled the playing field. Telework was already a huge part of their business model, because the Israel market was too small, they had to be global from day one. Lotan explains that for their portfolio, companies are adjusting to the new normal, he credits the agility of start-ups with their success. When they started Grove, they believed the world was going digital, in many ways the pandemic just accelerated that process.

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Creating value through innovation

The episode wraps up with Dov and Lotan expressing their commitment to aiding in the efforts to find energy solutions. They also share their advice for entrepreneurs and CEO’s when it comes to innovation, Dov stresses the importance of being humble, listening, and putting people first. He encourages inventors that if they’re creating value, then the trials will be worth it, and you will find the right partners to support you.

Key Takeaways:

[4:19] – What is behind Israel’s venture capitalist growth?

[5:54] – What would Dov say to young inventors?

[8:22] – What kind of surprises have you faced?

[9:33] – What new technologies are emerging because of the pandemic?

[12:23] – How has the lack of travel impacted Grove Ventures?

[15:02] – What advice does Grove give their clients during the pandemic?

[17:38] – What is COVID-19’s impact on automation technologies?

[20:06] – Will Grove Ventures be part of energy solutions?

[21:25] – What is the recipe for success between venture firms and corporate companies?

[22:19] – What advice would you give to entrepreneurs?

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