GUEST POST: 3 Ways to Save Money with Your Home EV Charger

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If you’ve stepped out of the Ice Age and taken the plunge into the world of eco-friendly transportation, chances are you’ve already started reaping some financial benefits. Considering that Americans spend more than $2,000 USD per year on gasoline, those savings aren’t exactly chump change.

evlink-skinWhen it comes to EV chargers, many people simply buy, plug in and forget it, but there are actually several ways to save money with home charging, too. Here are some tips.

Call Your Utility Company

Many utility companies, especially those in and around urban areas, offer special discounted plans for owners of plug-in vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no database of these utility companies. It might sound archaic in today’s age of instant information, but the fastest way to find out if your utility offers this kind of plan is to give them a call. The nuisance of navigating the automated phone system and a few minutes on hold could really pay off when your rate drops from 35 cents per kilowatt-hour to 10 cents, which is entirely possible.

Charge During Off-Peak Hours

The plan that most EV owners choose is the utility’s whole-house time-of-use plan which divides the day into “peak,” “mid-peak” and “off-peak” hours. This plan charges more for electricity that is used during the hours when it’s in the highest demand. Off-peak blocks tend to be very late at night and into the early morning, midnight to 6 a.m., for example.

The convenient thing about off-peak charging is that some home chargers, like Schneider Electric’s EVlink 30 Amp Generation 2.5, have delay timers which allow users to set their charging window ahead of time. The “set it and forget it” aspect allows for hassle-free money, time and energy savings.

Incentive Finder Tool

While there is no database of utility company discount plans, there is a tool that EV owners can use to locate incentives, both financial and non-financial. Visit GoElectricDrive’s Incentives Locator to find tax credits, rebates, and extras like alternative fuel vehicle lane exemptions in the USA.

Save $100 on Your EV Charger Purchase

At only $599 USD, Schneider’s EVlink 30 Amp charger already undercuts its competitors’ prices, but now through the end of the year, when you buy it online at and use the promo code EVLINKFALL (case sensitive) you can receive an additional $100 USD off while supplies last *.

With consumer ratings at 4.8 out of 5 stars, this second generation home charging station is not only affordable but intuitive. According to the user Applewins, “One of the nicest things about this charger is the intuitive lighting sequences on the face of the unit. Instantly you can tell if it’s charging, how long it’s been charging, or if it’s in the delay mode by looking at the segmented flashing lights.” In addition to its sleek, minimalist design, the EVlink charger also comes with a free customizable skin.

To find out if your EV is compatible with this charger, please call 1-888-778-2733.


Sarah Kellner is a writer for The Home Depot who frequently writes on green living and home improvement topics. See the full array of electric car chargers available at


*Available while supplies last and only applicable in the USA (all states).


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