The Year Ahead in Enterprise APM

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In 2016 we saw the Enterprise APM market continue to evolve. In a tough economic year, more and more organizations leveraged the IIoT to maximize their economic return on assets, using technologies such as predictive analytics and advanced risk based reliability solutions. 2017 is looking to be just as interesting. Below are three key insights we anticipate will have a material effect on the Enterprise APM market in 2017.

Maximize your economic return on assets with Enterprise APM

1. Evolving industrial applications – As digitization of the value chain continues we expect to see a rise in the sophistication and functionality of industrial applications. The industry has already begun to adopt mobile empowerment solutions, unlocking increased potential in the workforce and aiding to recruit and retain millennial workers. That trend will continue to accelerate and everyone will become active participants in achieving their company’s strategy. Industrial mobile application design, power and functionality will improve accordingly. Very soon we expect industrial applications will seamlessly coexist on our everyday mobile devices alongside consumer applications, enabling even greater operational efficiency for employees wherever they are in the world.

2. Entering a new reality – AR/VR is one of the most exciting technologies for industrial applications, and we expect adoption to continue to increase. Just as AR/VR has become more widely trusted in the consumer world through standout examples such as the Oculus Rift and Pokemon Go, industrial AR/VR will see adoption increase as use cases are developed and deployed. AR/VR technology enables huge potential for improved field service offerings, compliance and safety of the workforce and operator training simulators, making it very valuable in maximizing overall economic return on assets.

3. Shifting customer models – Industrial companies will continue to demand choice in commercial models and we expect cloud deployments will continue to increase, with more organizations choosing the safety and convenience of a cloud solution, or adopting a hybrid approach. In addition, customers will increasingly demand configurable solutions in order to fully customize the technology for their specific business purposes. Extensible solutions will be in very high demand in 2017 as organizations need for everyone on the decision-making chain to have access to actionable data, whether they are on the plant floor or the executive suite.

We expect these three key trends to have a major impact on the Enterprise APM market in 2017. To learn more about Enterprise APM and how it can help you maximize your economic return on assets, check out our deep dive video on Enterprise APM:

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