Transform Big Data to Actionable Insights with Enterprise Data Management

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It’s no secret that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has led to an ever-expanding explosion of big data. Most assets today are equipped with data-transmitting sensors that communicate with other sensors, applications, control devices, historians and any number of other systems. With the increase of high fidelity data driven by IIoT it’s never been more important to consolidate and contextualize that information to drive actionable insights.

Making the investment in enterprise data management, whether hosted on premises or in the cloud, is a key component to driving operational efficiency. Enterprise historians help by providing a centralized platform to consolidate disparate data sources and bridge the IT/OT information gap for real-time, enterprise-wide information access. This enables a comprehensive view of asset performance that empowers the workforce to become active participants in real-time operations and transforms data into actionable insights for timely and informed decisions.

When looking for a solution for data management it is important to select a system that easily integrates with hundreds of control, monitoring and enterprise business systems. A highly scalable solution for archiving and rapid retrieval of high fidelity time series data is a must in our data-driven world. If data accuracy is required, look for a solution with advanced lossless compression technology to minimize the required storage capacity while maintaining the original collected resolution of the data.

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Mobile Workforce Enablement
Just as valuable is the equipment that is non-instrumented. It is important to consider the collection of asset health information through a mobile operator rounds solutions utilizing ruggedized mobile hardware and configurable software. This will enable data collection, workflow and general task management to incorporate this stranded data. Plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications can all be managed in an easy-to-use handheld device. Mobile operator round solutions manage processes to ensure consistent execution of all field tasks required to achieve reliable operations. Data can be consolidated into the enterprise data management foundation for a more comprehensive view of asset performance.

Maintenance Maturity Pyramid

Go from Reactive to Proactive
The IIoT has significantly impacted traditional asset management and maintenance approaches. Enterprise data management and mobile workforce enablement tools build a solid foundation to enable companies to continue the journey up the Maintenance Maturity Pyramid to become more proactive, optimized, and strategic. The value of these tools can be expanded and integrated into a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Performance Management (APM) platform for improved collaboration of people, processes and data in order to exceed reliability, safety and performance goals and ultimately maximize economic return on assets. For more information on Schneider Electric’s comprehensive Enterprise APM solution, visit

View the on-demand PennEnergy webinar “How Calpine Corporation is Leveraging IIoT to Achieve Operational Excellence” to learn how Calpine implemented an industrial data management solution with over 4.5 trillion archived data elements. We also hear from Schneider Electric on how to maximize economic return on assets with a fully integrated and comprehensive Enterprise APM platform.

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