Schneider Electric Excited About Smart Cities in the Middle East

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Power to the Cloud, Dubai has quickly become an important event in the Middle East conference calender. In 2013, Schneider Electric created a dramatic exhibit to bring to life its solutions to address all aspects from Smart cities, smart grid and smart buildings to intelligent infrastructure and data centers. Improving the efficiency of resource use is an important topic, not just because of its impact upon the environment, but also because it goes towards the cost and competitiveness of businesses, cities, and countries as well as quality of life.

I was glad, therefore to be able to talk to Turhan Turhangil, Schneider Electric’s Zone President, Middle East, about the interest and commitment which is being shown for all things Smart in the Middle East. He spoke with enthusiasm and support for the regions continuing growth and success, expressing a great deal of confidence in Schneider Electric and its ability to add significant value to the recent announcement that Dubai is to invest in becoming a Smart city.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the setting up of a Higher Committee for the implementation of the Dubai Smart City project, stating that the country is on its way to transition to a fully Smart city. He has also expressed confidence in the imminent transformation of the UAE to a Smart country (click here to read the full story on

Turhan Turhangil spoke about the regions’ determination to harness the opportunities afforded by its significant quantities of natural resources, and to utilise them as spring board to building a regional infrastructure second to none, partly through the investment in Smart city infrastructure.

Smart cities seek to use technology to enhance the sustainability, efficiency and liveability of urban environments. Cities now contain 50% of the world’s population and this figure is rising. They also represent 75% of global energy consumption as well as 80% of all carbon emissions.

State-of-the-art automation solutions can be used to begin linking infrastructure systems and when combined with real time monitoring allows a dynamic shift in the ability to manage down energy and water consumption as well increasing the efficiency of transportation systems to outline just a few examples. In the case of Dubai, one of the first steps to transform the city into a smart city is by linking government services to the general public by the use of wireless high speed internet.

The Middle East has a young population. It is experiencing rapid economic growth  at the same time as making a tremendous amount of investment in world class infrastructure. Mr Turhangil is leading Schneider Electric’s efforts to bring Schneider Electrics’ global operations, and wide ranging and extensive expertise into the region for the benefit and to assist the delivery of world class infrastructure projects.

For more detailed information on Smart cities and how Schneider Electric is already many cities around the world to realise efficiency and sustainability gains that help make a more liveable environment for citizens, please visit:

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  • Middle East has a young population. It is experiencing rapid economic growth at the same time as making a tremendous amount of investment in world class

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