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Knights of the Smart Grid

Today’s electric utility is faced with numerous Smart Grid challenges: improving fault and outage management, reducing peak loads via demand response, optimizing variable renewable energy resources, managing electric vehicle charging, enhancing asset management, reducing network losses, and meeting regulatory requirements are just some of the challenges. Utilities require a comprehensive Smart Grid system that can effectively overcome these challenges and allow them to provide power that is even more reliable, safe, and efficient.

But are utilities truly prepared to slay these dragons?

Portions of a recent survey by Schneider Electric and Zpryme identified three able knights of the Smart Grid round table: Automation, Analytics, and ADMS.

For automation, the survey revealed that eight out of ten respondents plan to upgrade substations with intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) in order to support ADMS and/or grid automation capabilities.  For integration, six out of ten plan to adopt the IEC 61850 standard for substation automation.

Analytics is also key.  About three out of four utilities are planning to procure grid analytics software, and the majority want analytics software integrated into an ADMS. Also the majority of respondents indicated that an automated software system (more analytics) was needed to track the energy efficiency savings and sustainability of projects.

And for ADMS, seventy percent of respondents want to implement ADMS using multi-vendor best-of-breed components, plus systems integration.

Overall, the survey indicates a clear demand for the combined powers of these three knights.  Progressive utilities will champion the use of integrated grid analytics, ADMS, and automation to overcome Smart Grid challenges.



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