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Is total recovery from power loss really possible?

You don’t have to believe in global warming to see how weather can shut down everything. For businesses, power outages could mean the loss of customer data, energy, and money. The good news is that organizations have a better chance of totally recovering data from power outages with a comprehensive single phase UPS equipment maintenance plan in place.

Thus far, 2012 has demonstrated how the weather puts a lot of strain on local power grids. Many have lost power during what NOAA calls the second warmest May in world history since record keeping started in 1880.

Power loss isn’t reserved for heat waves. Power lines can go down because of the sheer weight of wet snow, even unexpectedly during autumn (see blog link) like it happened in the U.S. in 2011.

UPS technology helps in dealing with the extremities of nature, but ultimately, is at its mercy. One of the best ways we as a society can minimize these types of problems is through the implementation of the smart grid. And, we’re heading in that direction.

Until then, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations can rely on single phase UPS equipment to provide continuous power when disaster strikes. Advanced single phase UPS solutions provide constant voltage to critical electrical systems and produce reliable, emergency power if briefly interrupted. It gives technical managers enough time to save mission-critical information and minimize damage to hardware systems.

But, as with any piece of energy equipment, proper planning and maintenance is necessary to reduce headaches immediately and costs over the long-term. A well-thought-out plan minimizes the impact of any single point of failure and enables fast recovery of data loss. When backed by world-class UPS technology and comprehensive maintenance service, organizations are not only able to restore important data, but also prevent potential breakdowns, avoid costly downtime, and achieve longer life of valuable energy equipment.

And, unless you’re a Certified Field Service Engineer, your attempt to budget out maintenance costs to keep your electrical system running at optimal performance will mostly involve guesswork.

So, when looking for a power system maintenance plan, be sure that there are no unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. An all-inclusive service package should include on-site support from knowledgeable and skilled technicians to diagnose and repair systems according to manufacturer specifications. And, with sustainability in mind, green removal and disposal of your batteries should be included in any service you choose.

A comprehensive service plan should be flexible, both technically and financially. You should be able to pick and select a coverage based on your organization’s unique needs and budgets, whether an individual service or complete service plan.

There is no better way to extend the life of hardware, prevent potential problems, and ensure the quality and reliability of your electrical equipment than through a maintenance plan delivered by experts in energy efficiency.

Forward-thinking organizations can ensure continuous power and restore any data easily with the right critical power and cooling services partner. Anyone can.

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