Soon at a Distribution System Near You: the Next-Generation, and Smarter, OMS

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One of the things that makes a grid smarter, is smart outage restoration. Nearly every North American utility relies on some form of an Outage Management System (OMS) to help figure out where outages are and calculate how many customers are affected. While that’s good, it can be better.

By better, we mean not just identifying outage areas, but also helping system operators make better decisions about restoring power efficiently and effectively – absolutely vital in smart utilities management.

To do that, the OMS must know the network as it exists when the lights go out, not six weeks ago or even six days ago before maintenance switching. It needs a network model with up-to-the-second distribution system information. Such a model is created with full integration of the network SCADA, DMS, and OMS – the single, unified environment and user experience that we at Schneider Electric affectionately call ‘A Single Version of the Truth.’

This single network automation and control solution, otherwise known as the Advanced Distribution Management System, or ADMS, is considered by many in the industry to be the foundation of the next generation of OMS. It eliminates the need for data synchronization among disparate models and enables the single, high-performance network model and a raft of network analytics that enhance workflow management in the control room, the efficiency and safety of field crews, and the quality of service for consumers.

That’s intelligence that provides a big step towards a smarter grid.


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