Stability is a Stress Free Word

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“Stability” is a stress-free word. This is especially true for anyone involved in managing the power grid at any level. This includes medium voltage network operators, who like their systems to be reliable every day. On the other hand, when the “V” word (volatility) is mentioned to MV network operators, discomfort and worry ensue.

A volatile grid is a scary reality. With renewable requirements, increased security, and distributed generation, industry experts believe that the move to smart grid technologies at the local level is essential for the longevity of the power grid.

But, the “C” word (change) can be a scary too, causing many to be complacent with the status quo; but change is manageable, not scary, when it comes through innovative technology and flexible energy management solutions.

Take the example of medium voltage (MV) networks. Industry estimates are that 15% of electrical energy is being lost over the current power grid as a whole, and MV networks are not helping to address the issue – until now. The benefits of flexible and efficient medium voltage networks include up to 30% extended life, reduced carbon footprint, maintenance-free operation, key cost savings, optimized delivery times, and easy installation and modification.

Smart grid-ready switchgear is simple to use, installs easily, and has a flexible architecture.

Additionally, distributed intelligence strengthens energy efficiency through advanced monitoring and control to provide the right energy at the right time.

Designing, installing, and operating MV networks is challenging, but it’s made easier through modular switchgear architecture. No matter how severe the environment, a medium voltage (MV) network needs flexible, simple and modular switchgear solutions that are reliable and safe for people and assets.

Better network control is a must too. Through intelligent electronic devices, advanced metering functions, and integrated Web technology, electrical energy operations can become safer and more efficient.

Ultimately, smart grid-ready switchgear improves total cost of ownership for operators, and provides a significant impact on the performance of the power grid.

For those weary of change, here’s the reality. Government regulations, the business requirement of cost and energy savings, and environmental concerns are making the case for more flexible electrical systems with distributed intelligence. This means that the future of electrical power is bright if you join the bandwagon.

It’s true. We can’t help promoting the benefits of technology to build a smarter grid, which includes reduced energy costs, improved usage of shared resources, and maximized energy efficiency for all.

We can make the status quo in the electrical power sector a thing of the past.  What other technologies can we use to achieve the smart grid sooner rather than later?

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