Electrical equipment traceability made easier

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As global industries continue efforts to electrify operations, partners in all roles are being challenged to perform meticulous electrical asset management for their projects to help:

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime for customers
  • Enhance safety by minimizing accidents and disruptions
  • Mitigate costs for unexpected product recalls
  • Streamline maintenance and compliance procedures

EcoStruxure Power Commission software simplifies electrical asset management, even for legacy equipment, by enabling robust traceability and QR code generation for immediate access to documents and spare parts. This puts essential, up-to-date information – from manufacturing through installation to operation and maintenance – at every partner’s fingertips to make decision-making more efficient and effective. 

Watch our video to learn the importance of electrical asset traceability and discover how our software can help you better manage and monitor your customers’ growing electrical infrastructures. Transform your and your customers’ asset management approach.

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