Infographic: LV circuit breaker testing to optimize electrical safety, reliability, and compliance

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Maintaining low-voltage (LV) circuit breakers isn’t just routine – it’s a vital step in protecting both people and equipment. Plus, it’s essential for staying compliant with electrical codes. As the demand for electrification continues to grow,  global codes and regulations are evolving towards stricter maintenance standards for electrical infrastructure.

Running regular tests on LV circuit breakers might seem like a small effort, but it pays off big time regarding safety and minimizing downtime. Foreseeing potential problems in a facility’s electrical distribution system goes a long way in boosting overall business continuity.

And now, with the help of easy-to-use commissioning software, circuit breaker testing and reporting can be done more efficiently and effectively.

View our infographic below to learn why, when, how, and who should perform LV circuit breaker testing, and visit the EcoStruxure Power Commission web page or download our eGuide.

LV Circuit Breaker Testing Infographic

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