Three years running – mySchneider Panel Builder Program earns 5 stars from CRN

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The electrical panel builder market is going through a massive transformation as businesses transition to an all-electric world and work towards achieving sustainability goals. Panel builders are adapting to the pace of IIoT adoption, driving a need for automated distributed control systems. As a result, the electric control panel market is expected to grow from $5.5 billion in 2022 to $9 billion by 2030.

Panel builders are in a great position to grow their business. Yet, it can be challenging to quickly adapt to new digital trends, learn about new products, and rapidly acquire evolving technical knowledge. Panel builders don’t need to go it alone. Instead, they can partner with vendors, like Schneider Electric, to navigate and succeed in the evolving industrial automation ecosystem.

Schneider Electric offers a partner program just for panel builders. The mySchneider Panel Builder Program provides access to innovative solutions, training, global certifications, sales support, and more. For the third year in a row, CRN has recognized the mySchneider Panel Builder Program with a 5-star rating for 2023. This coveted CRN 5-star rating acknowledges companies that go above and beyond in their commitment to nurturing strong, profitable, and successful channel partnerships.

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CRN Recognizes industry-leading mySchneider Panel Builder Program

Shweta Rohila (Global Marketing Leader – Panel Builder Channel): Winning the 2023 CRN Partner Program with a 5-Star rating is a great proof point that Schneider Electric is continuing to evolve its partner program in the right direction. Can you tell us why the mySchneider Panel Builder Program continues to win this award?

Daniel Campobello (Global Strategy Director for the Panel Builder Channel at Schneider Electric): Thanks Shweta. I appreciate the opportunity to spotlight this CRN award and what it means for our panel builder partners. Simply put, we won this award because we continuously adapt our panel builder program to meet the evolving needs of our partners while focusing on how we can help them drive their profit and growth.

In my role, I spend a lot of time focused on market trends and what panel builders are asking for. With companies shifting to an all-electric world and digital transformation, panel builders are uniquely positioned to play a larger role in this transformation. Yet, they are also challenged as they don’t always have the competencies and resources to quickly meet these new market demands.

That’s where our panel builder program comes in. It provides resources, training, and services to supplement and upskill our panel builder’s business. We continue to “retool” and evolve our program with updated software, services, and sustainability resources. CRN recognized the importance of this comprehensive approach to engaging our panel builder community with a 5-star rating.

Panel builder program benefits

Shweta: Tell us more about the specific benefits of the mySchneider Panel Builder Program. How does it help panel builders in their day-to-day business?

Daniel: For panel builders to succeed in this evolving market, they need help. We designed the program to enable panel builders to innovate, grow, and continuously build their expertise and skill sets. Let’s start with innovation – we know panel builders have a lot of demands on their time and need help with process improvement.

The mySchneider Panel Builder Program provides panel builders with a full suite of software solutions to help them innovate their operations and improve customer satisfaction. For example, the program includes tools for electrical design, panel design and commissioning. With these tools, they can be more productive, flexible and up-to-date.

Continuing education is another key benefit of the mySchneider Panel Builder program. Our partners can access different certifications through our global EcoXpert program and our Schneider Electric Exchange platform. Panel builders can get and share best practices on this portal with colleagues worldwide. Many of our partners also build deep technical knowledge of our products and solutions through the training modules offered through this program.

Shweta: So, having access to solutions and training is great but how does Schneider specifically help panel builders win more business?

Daniel: Good point. Our partners can also take advantage of Schneider Electric promotions, customer events, and marketing investments through joint coordination while benefiting from improved commercial terms and conditions. With access to our priority sales support, panel builders not only have a direct line to get sales materials and demo units, but they also are the first to know about the latest news on products and solutions.

Explore the mySchneider Panel Builder Program

Shweta: The benefits of the mySchneider Panel Builder Program are clear. By partnering with Schneider Electric, panel builders can offer their customers sustainable and energy-efficient solutions while growing their business and staying up-to-date with the latest software and tools.

Daniel: That’s right and in today’s connected world, it’s more important than ever for panel builders to work with trusted partners that enable them to simplify their operations, generate more business, and grow their expertise. The mySchneider Panel Builder Program is the answer. So why not take your business to the next level and join the program today? Discover the benefits of joining our mySchneider Panel Builder Program. Also, access our eguide on how to digitize your panel builder business to better respond to evolving customer requirements, get access to information faster, streamline business operations, and more.

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