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How Audits Help Improve Safety and Electrical System Performance


Electricity is unique. It is the only mission-critical commodity that business depends on every second of every day, yet it can be the biggest obstacle to success. Any power failure can mean a significant safety issue or a costly operational disruption. Power-related disruptions in Europe alone have been estimated to exceed €150 billion annually. More importantly, the leading cause of fires – up to 22% – is an electrical failure. For electro-intensive operations, power loss is a substantial financial risk that can even be responsible for loss of life.

Managing and monitoring your power system lifecycle is vital

The ability to correctly identify technical deficiencies and detect potential failure risks within your facility’s electrical system is crucial. It provides a clearer vision of the health status of your electrical system and puts you in a stronger position to face new challenges, such as sustainability and energy efficiency. Discovering these deficiencies can be an overwhelming task, given the limited resources often available, but EcoConsult Audit Advanced provides an ideal solution.

Our professional experts have 15 years of experience in power system auditing and consulting and can thoroughly inspect your facility’s electrical system to assess opportunities to help improve its safety, resiliency, and operational efficiency.

EcoConsult Audit Advanced creates a safer, more reliable electrical distribution

Leveraging a partnership between expert consultants and your operations team helps identify critical areas that would benefit from sensors and remote monitoring to improve service continuity and energy monitoring.

A state-of-the-art, non-intrusive on-site audit assesses your electrical installation. It builds a single-line diagram of your devices to quickly identify potential weak points that may put your systems at risk. This helps uncover potential vulnerability hazards and recommend improvements for performance and safety.

“Taking the pulse” of your power system is essential to understand how best to move forward. Experts with specific software provide a comprehensive modernization plan, including 10-year maintenance, monitoring, and management plans, including spare parts and technical documentation management. Careful management of your power system – along with up-to-date technical documentation (in the form of single line diagrams and existing power system studies) and regular staff training – ensures you are well-equipped for any eventuality.

Debrief sessions with all stakeholders highlight system observations, risks, and recommended next steps. We also provide comprehensive reports that relay vital, actionable insights and standardized deliverables across locations, segments, or countries to ensure multi-site or country consistency and formative maintenance plans with ongoing monitoring and management strategies.

mySchneider portal access

EcoConsult Audit Advanced also includes access to mySE, a dedicated, personalized self-service portal that provides access to your install base data and lifecycle status, assessment deliverables, and recommendations. Recommendations are classified according to criticality – any safety-related concerns are noted for immediate action, and notifications are sent to site teams for implementation. Customers can also request additional support from the consultant through the portal, which contains multi-layer access levels to enable the management of multi-site/country programs to help with corporate-level benchmarking.

Discover the path to optimal electrical system reliability and safety

With expert partners, your organization can find its path to optimal electrical system reliability and safety. With complete reports on all key data, turn risk into better business outcomes:

  • Increased installation performance
  • Solid maintenance criteria
  • Well-managed plans for modernization
  • Anticipated OpEx and CapEx investment
  • Resilience for the future

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your facility’s electrical system, and download our white paper, “9 Power System Risks that Threaten Business Operations.”

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