PowerPacT™ Molded Case Circuit Breakers

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A flexible, high-performance offer, certified to global standards for ratings from 15A to 600A

Today, new-generation PowerPacT™ with Micrologic™ circuit breakers set the standards of tomorrow with direct access to energy management. Integrated metering enhances their protective functions. Schneider Electric users can monitor energy from 15A to 600A, offering new performance in a remarkably compact device.

Designed to use less mounting space, the PowerPacT range allows simplified installation with smaller footprints and higher-density installations for panelboards and switchboards.

From Square D by Schneider Electric, PowerPactT molded case circuit breakers can become the first step in simplifying your operations. Through numerous design innovations, common accessories, and standardized ratings, PowerPacT circuit breakers will save you time and money by streamlining your selection process, speeding up installations, and providing renowned operational performance.

Micrologic trip units

PowerPacT H-, J-, and L-frame electronic circuit breakers offer high performance and a wide range of Micrologic electronic trip units to protect most applications. All Micrologic trip units provide electronic circuit protection with adjustable protection settings for maximum system coordination and flexibility. Sophisticated functionality, such as energy and power quality metering capabilities, is integrated into more advanced trip units.

Combined with quality PowerPacT accessories, Micrologic trip units also enable circuit breakers to be networked and remotely controlled, leading to substantial savings in electrical system operating costs. These interchangeable, microprocessor-controlled devices provide a new generation of protection, measurement, and control functions, delivering not only greater electrical system safety but also improved system integration and coordination.

Micrologic trip systems use a set of current transformers (called CTs or sensors) to sense the current, a trip unit to evaluate the current m, and a tripping solenoid to trip the circuit breaker. H-, J-, and L-frame devices are protected against:

  • Overvoltage caused by circuit switching
  • Overvoltage caused by an atmospheric disturbance, or by a distribution-system outage (such as from failure due to lightning)
  • Devices emitting radio waves (radios, walkie-talkies, radar, etc.)
  • Electrostatic discharges produced directly by users

An FDM121 display added to the breakers will provide external access to trip unit settings and circuit breaker performance data, as well as power and energy information. Far more than just circuit breakers, PowerPact effectively addresses energy-efficiency needs through optimized power requirements, increased energy availability, and improved installation management.

Mission Critical Circuit Breakers

PowerPacT H-, J-, PowerPactT J- and L-Frame Mission Critical circuit breakers deliver high levels of selective coordination in a flexible design that can be easily configured for a variety of applications. These electronic trip units provide highly accurate protection with wide setting ranges for greater system flexibility.

Schneider Electric mission critical circuit breakers can be applied in emergency power distribution systems, data centers, hospitals, or anywhere continuity of service is desired.

Tested to be selectively coordinated with the QO™ family of miniature circuit breakers and the ED, EG, and EJ circuit breakers, this solution provides peace of mind when power availability is critical.

In addition to unique design attributes, PowerPacT Mission Critical circuit breakers have also undergone rigorous testing procedures to certify the coordination with downstream circuit breakers by combining innovative engineering with validated test results.

PowerPacT Mission Critical circuit breakers analyze the fault current to make decisions that maximize selectivity with downstream circuit breakers. The trip units are programmed with a special selectivity delay to allow downstream circuit breakers to clear.

Additionally, all PowerPacT H-, J-, and L-frame circuit breakers are equipped with dual-break rotating contacts that reduce the amount of peak current during a short circuit fault. This reduces the let-through currents and enhances equipment protection. This offers very high breaking capacity in a small device for extended system life.

The wiring system is designed for low-voltage power switchboards. Installation does not require special tools or training. The prefabricated wiring ensures both data transmission (Modbus protocol) and 24 Vdc power distribution for the communications modules on the Micrologic trip units. The interface module can be connected directly or through the front display module.

Flexible Configurations

The molded case circuit breakers are equipped with a unique snap-in terminal design that makes converting between busbar and lug options simple and easy to install. All of these conversions between termination options can be done in the field with easy-to-use kits. The PowerPacT H-, J- and L-frame circuit breakers may be configured with lugs, bus bar connections, rear connections, I-Line™, draw-out cradle, or plug-in base. Power distribution connectors can replace separate power distribution terminal blocks and carry an SCCR equal to the interrupting rating of the breaker they are attached to.

QR codes on the front of PowerPacT molded case circuit breakers enable easy access to technical information. A viewing window allows for a line of sight inside the breaker, which saves time.

As the most versatile power distribution panel on the market, the I-Line™ power distribution panelboard features Schneider Electric’s unique circuit breaker engagement system and is used to feed NQ and NF lighting and appliance panelboards.

I-Line reduces time spent on installation. With I-Line, circuit breakers do not require any additional external mounting hardware, and the average branch installation time is less than one minute. Interiors accept plug-on or bolt-on branch circuit breakers, and most circuit breakers only require a screwdriver for installation. Circuit breaker plug-on jaws have no fasteners, so less time is spent on installation and maintenance.

Robust platform

PowerPacT H-, J-, and L-frame devices are built to withstand mechanical vibration. Excessive vibration may cause tripping, breaks in connections, or damage to mechanical parts. Tests are carried out in compliance with standard UL 489 SA and SB for the levels required by merchant-marine inspection organizations.

Also, the materials used in PowerPacT circuit breakers will not support the growth of fungus and mold. PowerPacT circuit breakers have passed the test defined below for extreme atmospheric conditions.

Dry cold and dry heat:

  • IEC 68-2-1–dry cold at -55°C
  • IEC 68-2-2–dry heat at +85°C Damp heat (topicalization)
  • IEC 68-2-30–damp heat (temperature + 55°C and relative humidity of 95%)
  • IEC 68-2-52 level 2–salt mist


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By including PowerPacT with Micrologic circuit breakers, you’re making an important first step toward improved energy efficiency, in a way that is smart, safe, and simple.

Schneider Electric can help you take the next steps necessary to achieve maximum efficiency for your entire building. We are The Global Specialist in Energy Management™, providing an integrated approach to help you meet your efficiency targets.

Reach out to our customer care team if you have any questions, need more details, or require technical support.

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