Semi-Assembled Solutions for OEMs

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Semi-assembled 1558 LVDO switchgear

To shorten lead times and help deliver a customizable UL 1558 compliant switchgear solution, Schneider Electric offers a semi-assembled low-voltage drawout (LVDO) switchgear to Power Equipment Manufacturers (PEMs).

This LVDO switchgear offer is built on the platform of the Square D brand PowerZone™ 4 ANSI-rated switchgear offer that those in the industry have come to trust.

Semi-assembled LVDO switchgear provides full, flexible and fast access to a broad array of circuit breakers, structures and bus mounted in unbranded gear that is ready for PEMs to integrate with custom controls. The PEM is responsible for the value-added components to the semi-assembled switchgear. There is wide latitude for a PEM to add components to their UL 1558 file.

LVDO Semi-Assembled Switchgear

“As each year goes by, there’s more and more technology such as IoT (the Internet of Things), and the highest value is all the instrumentation, wiring and communications connectivity that these third-party panel builders are providing,” says Dave Castor, a product manager for Schneider Electric.

With delivery times that are 50 percent faster than fully assembled switchgear, shorter lead times reduce the time to bid, quote and place orders, while still providing the ability to make late changes.

With the semi-assembled LVDO offering, PEMs have the flexibility and efficiency to provide a differentiated solution to their customers. Where some PEMs may not have been able to offer UL 1558 switchgear in the past, this semi-assembled offering provides the necessary components to make it viable to offer to their customers.

“It’s a way for PEMs to participate in market segments that they may not normally operate,” Castor says. “Whereas in the past, they might have shied away from the UL 1558 gear, there’s opportunity for a lot of the PEMs do this and build relationships with their customers.

“Not only to provide the initial engineering and installation, but also the follow-up services and maintenance that go along with it,” Castor says. “So, this semi-assembled solution enables them to help build their service portfolio.

“The investment required to build UL 1558 gear is much less significant, and therefore much less volume is needed to really support that kind of business,” Castor adds. “So, there’s definitely a good opportunity out there for equipment builders.”

Semi-assembled UL1558 switchgear offers another built-in advantage: Pre-engineered structures provide consistent quality and let you know what to expect project after project.

Power-Zone 4 LV switchgear

Built for reliability and power system protection, Power-Zone 4 low voltage (LV) switchgear features MasterPact™ LV power circuit breakers that carry the highest interruption ratings without fuses. Power-Zone 4 is available in standard, front-accessible, or arc-resistant options for easy maintenance, space savings, and added worker safety. Protect, control, and isolate your valuable downstream equipment and processes with Power-Zone 4.

Power-Zone 4 low voltage switchgear is available in a front-accessible configuration, eliminating the need for rear access and reducing floor space by an average of 37 percent.

Designed with a unique combination of arc flash mitigation features providing superior protection from the consequences of internal arcing faults, Power-Zone 4 arc resistant switchgear enhances worker safety.

Flexible Offer

The customizable UL compliant 1558 switchgear solution offers an optimized solution designed with flexibility in mind:

  • Comprehensive digital tools enable you to design, quote, order and track shipments with one platform while maintaining a history of previous quotes and orders at your fingertips.
  • Access to broad offer scope for ANSI-rated low voltage switchgear. Quickly arrange the entire lineup for a variety of applications with a wide range of innovative MasterPact MTZ LV drawout power circuit breakers. Multiple Main/Tie configurations and performance ratings.
  • Generous instrumentation compartments and wireways for controls and wiring enable you to provide a differentiated solution.
  • Make late changes in customer orders, especially as they relate to control components thanks to improved delivery of the unwired lineup.

Peace of mind

Comprehensive digital tools enable you to design, quote, order and track shipments with one platform while maintaining a history of previous quotes and orders at your fingertips. There is access to a broad offer scope for distribution you can choose from Schneider Electric such as breakers, power meters, relays, etc.

By adding components and wiring, it enables you to provide a differentiated solution and make necessary changes in customer orders, especially as they relate to control components.

The partnership program delivers superior panel builder support with comprehensive digital tools all in one location, coupled with live support to meet your meet needs no matter what they are. Customer questions are answered promptly and efficiently by dedicated panel builder support specialists.

As a one-stop shop, drawings, product information and order tracking, this empowers you to have access to information anytime anywhere on demand. The PowerBuilder support team understands your needs and delivers personalized training and supports you from quotation to order conversion.

When it comes to customer pricing, approval drawings and quotations will be available on demand instead of having to wait days or weeks.

Access to Innovation

  • EcoStruxure™ trademark power commissioning tool
  • MasterPact MTZ LV connected power circuit breaker
  • Front accessible design, arc resistant enclosures, insulated bus options and new innovations are constantly being added to the offer. Contact your Schneider Electric sales representative for current lead times.

The finished switchgear assembly bears the brand of the company that finishes the product. Also, the UL listing mark is that of the PEM that finishes the product. Schneider Electric applies a split inspection label, and the PEM’s name and address are noted in Schneider Electric’s UL 1558 file for future reference.

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