How an Open Partner Ecosystem Offers Consulting Engineers Better Ways to Engage

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Many of the most prominent players in the tech and e-commerce sectors understand the opportunities afforded by a robust partner ecosystem. In fact, the business case for collaboration has become so compelling that once proudly self-reliant organizations are now hurrying to develop or strengthen their own ecosystems in many industry segments.

Schneider Electric has long understood the opportunities mutually beneficial business relationships afforded, so we created our Partnerships of the Future initiative.

Smart collaboration offers far-reaching benefits from spurring greater sustainability, efficiency, and innovation by helping partners scale up quickly to confront disruption and meet evolving customer demands.

Partner EcoSystem

Delivering a collaborative ecosystem focused on consulting engineers

For the AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) sector, particularly consulting engineers, forming productive and knowledge-based partnerships is vital. Doing so can help speed the creation of more efficient and sustainable building designs.

Simplified, open, and digital partnerships can make this a reality.

This blog series explained how partnerships could help consulting engineers create a competitive advantage. Our follow-up post detailed how simplified ways of working can make a consultant engineer’s job easier. At the same time, the balance of this article explores the role an open partner ecosystem, supported by interoperable technology, plays in delivering collective success.

Open partnerships foster enhanced collaboration and value creation

It’s becoming more widely accepted that fostering the creative process and sharing new ideas is instrumental to improving business processes, developing better products and services, increasing efficiency, and improving any business’ bottom line.

An open partner ecosystem supported by a common digital platform can be a crucial enabler of the creative process. We believe consulting engineers can obtain everything they need to bring their ideas to life to create state-of-the-art designs by:

  • Connecting partners to local experts with multi-vendor project experience
  • Providing broad access to advanced and interoperable technologies
  • Fostering knowledge-sharing opportunities

According to a recent IDC Info Snapshot, just 26% of partners focused on co-creating solutions, whereas by 2020, that figure had jumped to 64%.

To create a mission-based ecosystem that breaks down silos and solves complex problems, we have created a partner ecosystem based on three fundamentals:

  1. Schneider Electric Exchange – is an open, digital business platform that connects a community of like-minded parties so they can gain technical knowledge, share ideas, and access solutions for design and system challenges, including reference designs.
  2. EcoXpert Partner Program – is a program that unites a global partner network of best-in-class system integration competencies in energy and digital automation solutions with our customers around the globe. EcoXpert partners, trained and certified by Schneider Electric, share our vision to become the world’s leading cross-ecosystem of expertise in our industry. We’re pioneering the future of intelligent buildings and the Internet of Things to deliver smarter, integrated, smarter, integrated, and more efficient solutions to our customers.
  3. EcoStruxure – an open and interoperable IoT system architecture that uses standards-based protocols and supports multi-vendor products. This helps developers and integrators connect to devices from different manufacturers more easily and implement smart operations across diverse enterprises.

In the quest to forge a competitive edge in a disrupted market, it’s become evident to many industry players that participating in partner ecosystems is no longer optional.

For many, the difficulty is identifying those aligned with their business goals and delivering win-win outcomes for all participants. Focusing on open partnerships is a good place to start, and our Partner Programs are tailored to different partner types to enable that. Read this post showcasing how one such partnership can help enable smart electrical distribution systems. We equip our EcoXperts with innovative tools and industry knowledge to support these unique partnerships designed to help meet specific business goals.

Could a partnership help you? Watch our video to learn more and download our mySchneider Consultants, designers, and engineers partner program brochure to discover all the partnership benefits.

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