How advanced digitalization and flexibility in a switchboard service model provides ROI

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From new construction to smart building upgrades to electrical system maintenance, low-voltage switchboard choices can make or break the success of your next design-build project. Sourcing and selecting your switchboard options is often arduous and time-consuming, as well as addressing last-minute change orders or design-build updates. With a more flexible switchboard, you could dramatically reduce your overall project risks.

For example, having the flexibility to make last-minute switchboard design changes reduces the chance of a missed deadline. Digitalization enables building inspectors or other stakeholders to view design changes in real-time for more transparency and minimized rework. There’s also the added value of being able to reduce switchboard lead times for your customers during sourcing, design, and installation via a modular switchboard interface.

This digitalization and flexibility can empower electrical professionals to deliver more switchboard options in the face of new cybersecurity risks, workforce challenges, and smart technologies. Your customers expect you to be a problem solver and meet their expectations in today’s on-demand world. Every low-voltage switchboard — from initial product research through post-sale customer service — must find its way to your customer as quickly as possible with attention to quality and reliability.

This is why Schneider Electric developed FlexSeTTM — the new generation of switchboards.FlexSeT Switchboard

FlexSeT is powered by Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ IoT-enabled, plug-and-play digital architecture, and an intuitive building information modeling (BIM) design and selection interface. FlexSeT helps contractors, distributors, panel builders, specifiers, and other electrical professionals dramatically accelerate time to market and reduce risk at all stages of a project.

Here are a few examples of how this new switchboard model delivers the speed, flexibility, and reliability to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

It’s not just cliché — time is money.

From the most basic warehouse construction to a state-of-the-art hospital renovation, the clock is always ticking to meet your customers’ switchboard specifications and budget requirements. FlexSeT makes it easier for you to keep design-build projects on track by helping you avoid costly delays and allowing you to pivot more quickly to change orders.

FlexSeT’s design flexibility and digitalization allows you to add new surge protection, ground fault monitoring, metering logic, trip unit additions, or other configuration changes as easily as pointing and clicking. The BIM-enabled design tool allows you and your building stakeholders to view one-line drawings in real-time, so you and your customers can see price changes as the design specifications change.

Based on design requirements switchboard models can be configured into one section, which means you can ship one section instead of two, install one section instead of two, and easily show your building stakeholders that you can save their footprint with one section. After making design and device selections, you can simply download your bill of materials (BOM) or engineering design in seconds.

With the switchboard assembly kits, installation can take as little as one hour per section with two people working on the assembly. Your assemblers can put together the frame in minutes, then quickly install the I-Line™ breaker mounting pan, use the hoist to lift the line stack into place, and then easily add them through bus bridge and other components. Once installed, FlexSeT’s simplified main breaker section, with a swing-door design, is free from cumbersome conduits and wiring.

These features produce time-saving benefits such as:

  • Reducing your switchboard lead time from several weeks to days, from quote to commissioning.
  • Enabling you to complete quote-to-order conversions and change orders in minutes, versus days or weeks.
  • Providing you with the QR code to quickly and easily access test reports, switchboard drawings, and installation manuals.

Flexibility is the power to exceed customer expectations.

The ability to easily adapt to last-minute switchboard specification changes and avoid costly delays can differentiate you from your competitors. FlexSeT’s plug-on neutral modules and digital design interface allow you to make last-minute configuration changes quickly, without impacting project deadlines.

Amperage (AMP) capacity, breaker options, key product ratings… FlexSeT gives you and your customers a complete bird’s eye view of your digital cart. Easily create and modify your one-line diagrams as they automatically change split views, elevations, and size and dimensions as you add your requirements and devices to the basic switchboard module.

FlexSeT also integrates with Schneider Electric’s I-Line™ power distribution system, which features a unique circuit breaker engagement system for feeding large motor loads and lighting panels.

Additional flexibility benefits include:

  • Providing easy transportation due to modular components that are easily installed on-site.
  • Being able to configure your switchboard options before you place your order with the digital selection tool.
  • Having the ability to pivot to last-minute design or specification changes without sacrificing reliability or quality.

Reliability and quality can make or break your reputation.

Because all FlexSeT assemblies and pre-assembly components are UL-listed, you don’t have to second-guess compliance or safety for your customers. Every switchboard component was created based on extensive testing and customer feedback, to provide the enhanced quality, safety, and reliability you expect from Schneider Electric.

As noted above, you can use FlexSeT’s digitalization to provide real-time information to your stakeholders at every stage of switchboard design, sourcing, installation, and maintenance, to enhance access and improve traceability. The ability to easily and quickly share cost, footprint, and design specifications with building inspectors and your customers is critical to demonstrating your reliability in your industry.

This digitalization also makes it easier for your customers to do business with you because you can provide them remote access for making pre-order configurations. You can then provide quick quote-to-order conversions via the selection tool.

FlexSeT offers reliability by:

  • Giving you digital control of the entire switchboard customer journey.
  • Improving your project status communications and enabling real-time access for all project stakeholders.
  • Offering remote, guided digital-assembly tools to ensure consistency and quality control, regardless of who assembles the switchboard kits.

Give your customers more with FlexSeT.

FlexSeT is a game-changer for sourcing low-voltage switchboards because it gives you the power to accelerate your time to market and reduce the risk for your customers and building stakeholders. Digitalization and flexibility in a switchboard service model means you can become a more valuable partner to your customers.

Use FlexSeT to offer your customers:

  • An intuitive, digital user interface to quickly select sub-assembled kits and easily make last-minute updates.
  • Additional options for future upgrades via plug-on neutral modules and the ability to accept connected offers.
  • More timely switchboard delivery thanks to tighter quality assurance oversight and traceability from design to post-installation.

For a deeper understanding of how FlexSeT provides these benefits, visit to learn how you can use this new switchboard service model to offer your customers more value with less project risk.

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