Simplified Ways of Working – How to Make Consultant Engineer’s Jobs Easier

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While none of us have a crystal ball, yet there are three trends currently affecting the AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) sector that we can confidently predict will dominate in the future:

  1. Electrification – one of the best pathways to decarbonization, especially since electricity demand is expected to double by 2040.
  2. Digitization – Coupled with hyper-connectivity, both are changing nearly every aspect of the electrical industry — a development that will only accelerate.
  3. Sustainability – according to the Embracing Digital Ecosystems to Deliver Intelligent Power Solutions info brief from IDC, 60% of customers now incorporate sustainability metrics into their proposal requests when selecting potential partners. In comparison, over 80% of consumers think it’s vital that companies design environmentally sustainable products.

These trends represent both challenges and opportunities for the sector as consulting engineers hold a pivotal role in designing buildings and infrastructures that are safe, reliable, and efficient, and now more sustainable, adaptable, and future-proof.

To achieve all these objectives, designs must be based on long-term goals to ensure projects are easy to operate, long-lasting, and compliant with industry standards over the entire lifecycle, from design, build, to maintain.

The increasing job and technical complexity indeed represent a challenge. Still, Schneider Electric believes it’s by simplifying the sustainability journey for consulting engineers that we can best help them leverage all the opportunities our increasingly digital and electric world offers.

Transparent sustainability initiatives simplify the implementation of green solutions

Named the world’s most sustainable corporation in 2021, the goal of Schneider Electric is to assist our customers and business partners in achieving their sustainability objectives. Because sustainable designs are supported by sustainable products, services, and value chains, we bring an end-to-end perspective to minimizing the environmental impact of all our offers. Not only do we propose solutions that can achieve sustainability through architectural design (see our groundbreaking net-zero energy building in Grenoble, France), but we also formulate products with green packaging, green materials, eco-design, and help our customers identify them with our Green Premium label. To improve transparency, we also have an online tool to assist clients and partners to download comprehensive information about Green Premium offers – regulatory compliance (RoHS and REACh), Environmental Product Declaration, and end-of-life instructions. Every component is considered and made transparent to help specifiers and their clients achieve sustainability much more quickly.

A partnership focused on simplified ways of working

To address the daily roadblocks designers and consulting engineers face in their jobs, we created the mySchneider Consultants, Designers, and Engineers program. It’s a dedicated program and digital experience that provides technical and business support to simplify jobs, save time, and expand skills.

The program’s benefits are built around the identified needs of partners, with IDC reporting that:

  • 91% valuing the ease of doing business
  • 79% the availability of engineering support
  • 67% the availability of training
  • 65% valuing a strong partner program ecosystem

Our mySchneider portal is tailored to offer consulting engineers dedicated resources in one location to help simplify your everyday work:

  • Updates and news to help you stay informed about issues important for your projects and business.
  • Trainings and webinars to help you acquire new skills and grow expertise.
  • Segment-specific guides for easier project design and execution
  • Technical documents containing all detailed technical write-ups and guides of products, solutions, and industry best practices
  • Specifications for tender repository, so you can prepare tender documentation faster.
  • Expert support to help you solve issues as soon as possible.

By striving to simplify your everyday tasks, reduce complexity, and transform the way consultants and engineers work, the mySchneider Consultants, Designers, and Engineers program aims to help partners gain a competitive advantage and forge fruitful business relationships.

Learn how we helped our customer, Saint-Gobain, boost their sustainability and save millions by installing EcoStruxure solutions to help better gather energy data to optimize and actively manage their energy consumption. Ready to start sustainability projects with your clients? Visit our dedicated mySchneider Consultants, designers, and engineer’s partner program site to discover how a partnership with Schneider Electric can help.

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